Friday, January 20, 2012

The 2012 Project: Update January 20th 2012

First, I have to give a huge thank you to VOYA Magazine, School Library Journal and Capstone Press.  They each have done a great job of supporting the project and helping me get the word out.  And special thanks also go to Harlequin Teen and others that have retweeted the message out.  You can follow the project on Facebook or @TLT16, #the2012project on Twitter.  Lots of teen librarians have been sharing pics and they are so amazing to see.  Libraries everywhere are doing creative, innovative programming for teens and yes - teens still do read!

You can see the project photo album on the TLT Facebook page.

I used some of the images submitted to create a new promotional poster for the project, because I have been getting some really fun, innovative and just creative pics.  Please feel free to download and share the poster electronically or via your various online resources.

I also have used some of the submitted pics to create some general library promotional posters, which you should also feel free to use.  I think they make the statement we are going for: teens still love (and use) their libraries and they still are reading.

Check back here next week to learn how you can be a part of a creative Valentine's day themed The 2012 Project picture drive AND win a copy of Boy Meets Girl edited by Kelly Milner Halls and signed by all 12 authors that contributed short stories. More information coming soon, contest will begin January 29th.  Until then enjoy the book trailer, this is a book all your teens will want to read!


  1. The 2012 Project is awesome! Wish I was still in the classroom this year so that I could send pics of my kiddos reading. It's awesome that so many book journals and publishers are supporting the effort!

  2. Thanks, I am hopeful that we will get to 2,012.