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A Second Opinion: BZRK by Michael Grant

So The Mr. picked up BZRK and read it. If you’ve read the Meet TLT bio you would know that is his “thing”. He’s not a librarian or even a reviewer, but he is a reader. Quite a prolific one.  I read and reviewed BZRK here. Then he read it and I asked him how many stars out of 5 he would give it.  He said 4.7. Technically he said 5, but then he remembered that being difficult is also his “thing” so he changed it to 4.7.  He said he changed it because it “ended too abruptly.” This is because it is the first book in a series, which I explained to him. He said he would definitely read the next book because he wanted to know what happens.  We then had a long discussion about how the plot was believable and not too far fetched; the parts that may seem far fetched are described so well that it makes it believable.  The Mr. said he likes the description of the characters and the interaction of the characters but he said at first there were a lot of characters to try and figure out and keep track of, “not like a Dickens novel” he said, but a lot none the less. He also noted that it was complex and definitely would be the upper end of YA. So that’s your second opinion: 4.7 stars out of 5.

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