Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April: Special The 2012 Project Contest

Libraries matter.  They matter to our communities.  They matter in the lives of our teens.  In a bold, or perhaps foolish, attempt to show that teens do still read - that they still do need and use and love their libraries - I put forth a challenge to myself and other teen librarians that we would collect 2,012 pictures of teens using their libraries or reading.  I did it because people believe what they see more than what they hear.  I could give you a number to try and prove it - or I could show it happening.  Thus, The 2012 Project (#the2012project on Twitter).

To date, we have a little over 350 pictures.  You can see them all in the various 2012 Project photo albums on the TLT Facebook wall.  You can read more about the project here. (Photo album 1, Photo album 2, The 2012 Project page)

So how about a contest . . .

I am here today to tell you about an exciting contest with debut ya author Jenny Torres Sanchez.  Jenny has written a gritty and witty contemporary debut novel about a young man named Charlie.  Charlie struggles with an eating disorder, his mom has a mental illness and is prone to disappearing, and his dad is kind of non-existent in his life.  I am very fond of Charlie; I find myself rooting for him all the way in this wonderful debut novel.  The other cool thing about Charlie is that he likes photography and uses it as a way to express himself.  A perfect tie-in for The 2012 Project, right?  So Jenny and I are teeming up to bring you an amazing Book Club Kit featuring her debut title The Downside of Being Charlie in the month of April.

Here is how it will work:  Send me via email (the2012projectcontest@gmail.com), Twitter or Facebook your The 2012 Project pictures.  Send a lot.  The school or public librarian who sends me the MOST pictures will win this fabulous Book Club Kit:

20 copies of The Downside of Being Charlie (great for a book discussion group or library system)
A free Skype author visit with Jenny Torres Sanchez (meet a new and upcoming author, learn what it takes to write and publish a book, talk about Charlie)
And other swag (bookmarks, buttons)

I read and reviewed The Downside of Being Charlie and was struck by how wonderful it was.  It brought to mind Chris Crutcher, whom I adore.  I highly recommend this book for older teens.  And please, help me be an advocate for teens by participating in The 2012 Project.

Send your photos to Teen Librarian's Toolbox via e-mail @ the2012projectcontest@gmail.com.  You can also upload them to Twitter with the hashtag #the2012project, @tlt16.  Or simply upload them to the TLT FB wall.  Teens can enter to.


  1. What an awesome project, and proud and happy that you are being proactive about a worthy cause!!

  2. I seriously love this project, because I, as a teen, use my library every single week! I'm going to be collecting some pictures from the library and emailing them to you. =)