Thursday, July 26, 2012

Don't Miss These Titles! The OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED Books!

I love a good plot twist.  And I love a good adventure.  But there are few books that really WOW me and take me to a place that I didn't already see coming.  I guess that is what happens when you read so much...kinda stinks sometimes.  But every once in a while, you'll get that ending or plot twist that just completely blows your mind.  The following books...consider me mind blown.

False Memory by Dan Krokos was a book that I had heard a lot of hype about and jumped through hoops to get my hands on before pub date.  Miranda wakes up in a mall and has absolutely no idea how she got there or what is going on.  Her memory is completely wiped.  As soon as she panics, she begins to release an energy that puts everyone around her in full out terrified mode.  She has no idea what is going on but she meets someone in the mall who is not shocked and who does know what's going on.  She's then led to a group of teens where they all have these abilities that they've been trained in for years and they've all been genetically altered to be these amazing ninja fighters.  Of course there is a OMG moment in the plot that causes things to speed up and you're lead toward a very climatic ending for the first book in a series that will be popular with guys and girls alike and a bit of a sci-fi edge to keep things current.  Loved it.  (ISBN: 9781423149767, Release Date: 8/14/12, Disney-Hyperion)

So I finished Burn for Burn in the airport at ALA while I was waiting for my plane and immediately got really ticked off at NetGalley.  I thought, how dare they mess up and not give me the ending to this book!  Well, Vivian and Han give a cliffhanger that is like none other and I believe that when you look up cliffhanger in the dictionary, their smiling faces will be right there.  Three girls with different pasts and sets of friends come together to destroy the lives of the people who have hurt them.  Do not piss these girls off.  It will not end well for you.  This is the first book in the series (now I know this...before, I didn't) and will leave you completely slack-jawed and just in awe of the magic that they laid out before you.  This isn't strictly contemporary, there is a tinge of a supernatural element.  Just know that I am terrified of these girls.  (ISBN: 9781442440753, Release Date: 9/18/12, Simon & Schuster)

I picked up this book because I saw that Mark Frost wrote it and I was a huge fan of Twin Peaks.  This may very well be my favorite fall book so far.  Will West has always been told by his parents to live his life completely cautiously because he has a bit of a touch of power, whether intellectual or athletic, Will is pretty much a supernatual powerhouse.  One day, Will trips up and scores off the charts on a nationwide exam and a private institution comes calling for him.  Think X-Men Academy.  All sounds fine and dandy but all of a sudden, Will's parents don't seem like his parents and his dad sends him a cryptic message making Will think that something very, very wrong is happening and it's up to Will to figure it out and stop it.  SO STINKING GOOD...I read this book in a day and was wanting more!  Buy it.  You teens will love you for it.  (ISBN: 9780375870453, Release Date: 9/25/12, Random House Children's Books)



  1. These are the kind of reviews I like. Short, sweet & to the point. All three are on my tbr list for August!

  2. These are the kind of reviews I like. Short, sweet & to the point. All three are on my tbr list for August!

  3. All of these are on my TBR list, so I'm glad you liked them! :)