Friday, September 28, 2012

But What About...? - A Guest Post from Lois Lowry

Looking Back: a book of memories
Lois Lowry, Houghton Mifflin Books for Children
1998 ISBN: 978-0395895436
 Oh dear, it is happening already. And the book isn’t even officially published yet.

Two people who have read SON in an advance copy have contacted me to ask, “But what about Einar? Will he ever get together with Claire? You have to write another book!”

I’ve never written books about romance. But there is a hint of it, a smidgeon, in SON. And it is unfulfilled, apparently, at least in the minds of some readers.

It’s always hard to wrap up a book, to type THE END and feel that it is truly over. I typed THE END when I completed THE GIVER…and then found that it wasn’t.  Now there are four books, and this last one brings together all of those characters—Jonas, Kira, Gabe—and introduces some new ones, especially Claire. Then it concludes with evil vanquished and beauty restored.  It really is TNE END, this time,

But what about Einar?  The second person who asked me that was almost wailing.

I guess that if the characters seem real enough, if they connect well with the reader, if they are sympathetic, then a book can never be satisfactorily concluded. The reader will always wonder about the what-next.
But no, I am not going to write more about these people. I think if a book is well done, if the characters are well-drawn, the astute and sensitive reader should be able to perceive and imagine what is next, what will happen after the final page is turned.

As for Einar? Well, SON is in part about sacrifice. What is a person willing to sacrifice for someone they love? What will Claire sacrifice in order to find her lost son?  The answer is anything. And she does.

So does Einar, who loves Claire enough that he is willing not just to let her go…but to help her do so.

And he’s doing fine. Thanks for asking.  
Lois Lowry so graciously agreed to do a guest post for us despite her super busy schedule and we are not only jumping up and down with excitement but also honored that she took the time to contribute to our week long celebration.  Please feel free to leave her messages below and thank her for being so awesome!  Remember, you can enter to win a set of the books in either audio or hardcover HERE, courtesy of Books On Tape/Listening Library and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  Thanks to everyone for reading, to our amazing sponsors for being so amazing, and to Lois Lowry for creating a world in which future generations will find themselves lost in for hours, just as we did.  



  1. "...and to Lois Lowry for creating a world in which future generations will find themselves lost in for hours, just as we did." <--- When I was in elementary school, my school's librarian gave me "The Giver" to read. I was SO ABSORBED I went back and asked the librarian for more. I proceeded to read every book Lowry wrote that year and quickly fell in love with every character, every story. Now, at 28, I'm the librarian handing out copies of "The Giver" to every elementary school student who's looking for something a little different, a little addictive. And it really feels great. So thank you, Lois Lowry, for creating stories so absorbing and wonderful that you just NEED to pass them on to everyone. And for being my elementary school hero.

  2. We started reading The Giver in my eighth grade class but, for some reason, never finished it. So I "borrowed" one of the classroom copies (I brought it back!) to finish it. I then read Gathering Blue, and was excited when I heard about Messenger. Now I am thrilled that Son is soon to be released! Thank you Lois Lowry, for your outstanding contribution to literature. I, and many others, will be forever grateful.

  3. Anonymous1/05/2014

    Was Einar raped by his father. Einar said his father made him his wife and he made him do things as a wife that he didn't want to talk about.