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Friday Fill-Ins: I never realized that . . .

Last night during a Twitter chat LizB (@lizb, blogger for School Library Journal) revealed that she was an adult when she realized that there was a scene in Deenie by Judy Blume where Deenie “takes care of her own needs”.  True confession: I never realized this.  Never.  Then someone else was discussing how they didn’t realize that Lyra had sex in the Golden Compass trilogy.  I only read book one so I get pass on that one.  But I remember once a patron complaining that they cussed in the early HP books, which I had read and as they sat there and complained to me I was like – there was no cussing.  The truth is, sometimes we just don’t realize things when we read, they go completely without notice.  So today is our day to share those things that we learned about our favorite books later in life.  You know the drill, fill in the blanks in the comments.

I never realized that ________________________________ in the book ________________ by _______________________.


  1. Wait, Lyra had sex in the His Dark Materials trilogy? When was this? I totally missed that!

  2. @sophiebiblio says it happens in AMBER SPYGLASS

  3. Was that when Lyra and Will are in their little spot together, and then they are surrounded by the glowy thing? (Clearly I read this years ago.)

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