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Thursday Throw Down: Royal Rivalry

So, last week, we decided that no matter what, RIVER would take everyone down if she was in battle mode.  No one thought Buffy could take her, and poor Echo didn’t have any votes.

So this week, since we’re talking Fairy Tales, which of these fairy tales would you rather your story be?  (I did try to pick the most non-depressing ones…  Did you know that the Little Mermaid actually dies in the end from a broken heart?)

Snow White, who was so hated by her step-mother that she was almost killed by her not once but four times (the huntsman, tightly laced stays, poisoned hair combs, and then the famous poisoned apple)?


Sleeping Beauty, who was cursed by a wicked fairy to die on her 16th birthday, but instead must sleep until wakened by a king’s son’s kiss?


Cinderella, given over to nasty stepmother and stepsisters, and only if you’re pious and good will your reward of marriage to the prince come?

Share your thoughts in the comments below, or share your own fairy tale!

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  1. This is coming from a guy but I think I'd rather be Cinderella. Sleeping beauty, how boring. Falling asleep and waiting to be saved? Snow White is similar. Huntsman lets her go, dwarfs untie the laces, etc. At least with Cinderella her 'help' came from the fact that she prayed and was a good person.

  2. All these fairy tales are all kinds of messed up. If I *had* to choose I think I agree with Justin's reasoning for choosing Cinderella. Also, in the original fairy tale, I believe Sleeping Beauty was actually sexually assaulted, and when she awoke she had a kid that she didn't even know about. How freaky/messed up/terrifying is that?!

  3. All of the original fairy tales are messed up (and even the current crop aren't that great, and this is coming from a Disney fan). I went with the *nicest* that I could find… Snow White, in this version, I'd have to say is the dumbest- really, FOUR TIMES you're dead?!?!? FOUR?!?!?!?

  4. The original Sleeping Beauty that I remember (having been a long time since I've read it *disclaimer* ), she didn't have the kids until afterwards. If I remember correctly, they married in secret from his family because his mother was part Ogre. They had two kids, and then went to live with his side of the family, where good ol' mother-in-law wanted to eat the kids and then SB when the hubbie went away to protect the kingdom….

    None of the original fairy tales actually work out well… Belle (from the Beast) ends up separated from her family forever; the Little Mermaid actually ends up an air spirit forced to at least 300 years of penance.

    Rapunzel falls in love with the Prince who's secretly visiting her in the tower, gets pregnant, the Prince is blinded by the evil Mother Gothel and Rapunzel is trapped in the tower.

    None were ever happy. *sigh*

    A ton of money has been made cleaning up some of the vicious stories in our history.

    Yet, I get in trouble for humming the song to that melting doll scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when I'm forced to ride It's a Small World.


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