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Thursday Throw Down: Whedonverse Women

So last week, we discussed Vampire Victors, with the clear winner being SPIKE.
This week, let’s take a spin around the Whedonverse, and figure out who would win…


Buffy Summers, the wise cracking, uber slayer…
River Tam, psycic and assassin from Firefly/Serenity
Echo (aka Caroline Farrell), Active and activist from Dollhouse

Vote for your favorite in the comments! 
A part of The #Sunnydaleproject


  1. If she's in fight mode, River gets my vote.

  2. I've gotta vote for River Tam – that girl kicks some serious booty!

  3. I also have to go with River

  4. Since I've only actually seen Buffy (I'm warming up to the idea of watching Firefly after going through a bunch of awesome gifs), I'm betting on her by default :)

  5. As much as I want to say Buffy, because I am so damn loyal… I think I have to say River. That girl is scary when she's on.

  6. So no one so far thinks that Buffy can take River? I realize Echo was a stretch, even though you could download her with any personality… What if River only had Buffy's weapons, say, the traditional wooden stakes?

  7. But remember that scene where River swiftly took out a whole bar? The girl shuts down and isn't affected by emotion, almost operates like a machine. And she goes a little crazy. Buffy has a conscience and can't do that zen thing that River does.

  8. That's a tough one. By default, I would also say Buffy (although I've seen all characters in combat). Yet, River does have the ability to shut off her emotions. She isn't even really conscious of what she is doing when she is triggered to fight in that bar scene, whereas Buffy is guided by her emotions. But taking all of that into account, I would still have to vote for Buffy because she is a slayer, so she has the super slayer strength, as well as years of fighting all sorts of evil under her belt. Plus, I would say her morality and emotions don't hinder, but fuel, her.

  9. Chiming in a little late… but I couldn't resist this debate. I adore Buffy, completely. But River has that almost insane ability to just shut out the world and fight. Doesn't anyone remember the scene where she closes herself off on the ship with the bad guys to help her friends survive? The doors close, her friends mourn as the enemies pour in. The doors open…. and there is River, standing, with the dead around her. *shivers*

    It would be a close thing, because Buffy has the Slayer mojo. But River, I think, would edge her out.

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