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Cover Reveal! And Chapter 1 of Dare Me, by Eric Devine

In 2012, author Eric Devine wrote an awesome post here at TLT called Show Me How to Live, a recap of a discussion he had with the boys in his class about whether or not they liked to read YA lit, and why.  With this post, he forever cemented himself as an honorary TLT.  Plus, he wrote a great zombie metaphor.  Today, we are excited to present reveal the cover of his forthcoming title: Dare Me.  You can see it and read the first chapter after the jump.
Synopsis: When Ben Candido and his friends, Ricky and John, decide to post a YouTube video of themselves surfing on top of a car, they finally feel like the somebodies they are meant to be instead of the social nobodies that they are. Overnight, the video becomes the talk of the school, and the boys are sure that their self-appointed senior year of dares will live in infamy. Every dare brings an increased risk of bodily harm, but Ben cannot deny the thrill and sense of swagger that come with it. The stakes become even more complex when a mysterious donor bankrolls their dares in exchange for a cut in the online revenue the videos generate. But at what point do the risk and the reward come at too high of a price? What does it take to stay true to one’s self in the face of relentless pressure.


Dare Me by Eric Devine
Publishes October 2013 from Running Press Kids
ISBN: 978-0762450152
Chapter 1
There is no doubt that one of us will die. I’m not hoping for it, just considering the probability: three of us, ten stunts, each “death defying.” At least that’s the plan: spend senior year completing one dare a month. Why? So we’re legends by the end.
Ricky’s driving and he looks at me, rocks his head to the music blaring, and says, “Ready, Ben?”
As if there’s any answer I can give but yes. I know how it works. He looks in the rearview. “John, ready?”
John gives a thumbs up and gets the camera into position. “On you, Ben.” He slides out of the rear window.
I turn and look. Nothing but cornstalks and pavement, blue sky and puffy white clouds. Perfection. I focus on that image and the stillness, the quiet. If I don’t, I’ll chicken out. My mind’s already filling with scenarios for how this will end badly. But school starts tomorrow, and I agreed to this, however it goes.
I pull the ski mask over my face and slide out the window.
The wind whips even though Ricky’s only going like 30 miles per hour. I can’t hear what John’s saying. His mouth’s moving, but it’s like being in a dream, all background noise, nothing real. He jacks his thumb into the air, an obvious sign for me to get on the roof. I take a deep breath, steady my elbows and push myself up.
My feet tingle and my heart hammers, but I keep going. I grab the roof rack and pull and am flat on top. The wind pours over me now, but the space around my face is calm. Unreal.
“Let’s do it.” John’s words are faint, but they’re enough to propel me. I grip the rack and slide my feet beneath me. Ten seconds. All I have to do is stay on my feet and count.
I stand but wobble and have to sit back down on my heels. Shit, maybe I can’t do this. No matter how much I convince myself. I look over at John for help, forgetting that the camera is on me. There’s nothing he can do. This is all mine. I’d love nothing more than to crawl right back in the window, but it would be on film, and Ricky would never let me hear the end of it. Just like before.
I’ve decided that’s not what I want, so I swallow, take another breath and ease my way up.
I rock again, but only slightly. John raps on the roof to let Ricky know I’m up and Ricky lets out a scream. I spread my arms and yell along with him because this is fucking insane. The road stretches before me, and one false move and I’m part of it. But Ricky’s smooth and it’s like I’m on a skateboard without the rumble beneath my feet.
A car comes from the other direction and Ricky honks. The driver looks up and sees me and I look down at him and for a second our eyes meet. In his, pure panic. His mouth is dropped and his skin is paper-white. But then he’s gone and my heart is racing and it’s been ten seconds. I let out one more scream and tuck back to the roof rack.
John smacks the car again to let Ricky know I’m done and I hear muffled cheering from within. I smile. It’s big and hurts my cheeks and my eyes water from the wind, but this is the most alive I’ve felt in forever, exactly like Ricky said we would. One dare down, nine to go.
Eric Devine is a teacher and author of the new young adult novel Tap Out, published by Running Press Kids.  You can read more about it at his webpage or at Goodreads.  Tap Out is the contemporary story of 17-year-old Tony, growing up in a trailer park where a string of abusive men come in and out of his and his mother’s life.  Tony may have found a way out when he joins a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) class, but there are so many elements – including local gangs – that can be hard to escape in the neighborhood.  The Mr. read Tap Out and gave it a thumbs up.  It is gritty and raw and real, but so our the lives that some of our teens are living.  The language can be rough, but it reflects the environment that Tony is growing up in.  For some teens, they will see themselves reflected in this book.  For others, they will get a glimpse into a life that can’t imagine but is sadly all to real for some of our teenage boys.  Tap Out by Eric Devine is in stores now (ISBN 9780762445691).


  1. Wow.

    Just, wow.

    The excerpt completely drew me in (even with my children screaming and laughing in the background). Devine's writing is so effortlessly real. And the cover is sure to attract attention.

    Very excited for DARE ME.

  2. YES! Yes, yes, yes!!
    I still remember drooling over this premise when you first shared it with me last summer (although, I don't recommend drooling into a $16 margarita) and now seeing this gorgeous cover to go along with it…I'VE GOT THE CHILLS!

    So excited for you, friend!

  3. Amy, Bethany:
    Thank you both. The cover is fabulous, and I hope the content lives up to the image. Thanks for checking it out. ARCs anyone?


  4. *grabby hands* GIVE ME, NOW!!

  5. Didn't Tap Out JUST come out? I haven't even read that and you've got another coming out already! This sounds fantastic. I love the premise and the voice in thefirst chapter.

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  7. Dude, I got dizzy just looking at the cover! Love it. And solid writing, too. Way to go.

  8. J., Justin:
    Well, Tap Out came out in September, so, you know, it's about time for more awesome. Glad you both enjoyed, and the cover had that same effect on me. Here's hoping the teens like that sensation.


  9. This is FANTASTIC. The cover is awesome but the writing just snatches you up and won't let go. What a great premise for a book! Congrats Eric! Can't wait for it to come out. 🙂

  10. Anita,
    Thanks for the response. I'm glad you enjoyed the premise and writing. And congrats to you as well. Unhinged looks spellbinding.


  11. Holy Goat! That is such a riveting cover 😀 Your excerpt has me drooling for more–can't wait to see what those crazy kids do to become legends!

  12. Holy Goat! That is such a riveting cover 😀 Your excerpt has me drooling for more–can't wait to see what those crazy kids do to become legends!

  13. Holy Goat! That is such a riveting cover 😀 Your excerpt has me drooling for more–can't wait to see what those crazy kids do to become legends!

  14. Wow…that is SO like teenagers. You've definitely are in tune with the 'nothing will happen to me' thing that they think.

  15. A.M., Suzanne:
    Thanks for the kind words. This ride definitely goes from daredevil to death-defying. You'll enjoy.


  16. omg! So sorry that comment posted three times!

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