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Dress Like the Doctor by Maria Selke from Maria’s Melange

Maria Selke as Doctor 9

Deciding on the perfect Halloween costume is generally a “Big Deal” in my house. My boys often end up picking pre-made costumes, but it’s never an easy process. So when they decreed that this would be the “Year of The Doctor”, I have to admit to getting a wee bit excited. I may have even hollered…

I started my Doctor Who journey just this past January, and I was hooked from the very first episode. Not only would it be fun (and easy) to dress up as Nine, I see Christopher Eccleston as “my Doctor”. I already own the perfect leather jacket, too!

No go. My older son called dibs on being Nine. At least it would be easy to get Older his costume, right? He even has the right hair and ears to pull off the perfect Christopher Eccleston look.

With gracious acceptance only a mother can give, I acquiesced and started considering how I could put together an outfit to be Ten. It would be a little more work, but I knew I could handle it. 


Nope. Younger is an even more dedicated Whovian than Older, and Tennant is HIS Doctor. He unequivocally decreed that HE would be dressing up as Ten for Halloween. His level of enthusiasm for his costuming choices would make any hard-core cosplayer proud.

Do you have ANY idea how difficult it is to find a reasonably priced pinstripe suit for a nine year old? Thank goodness for eBay! Locating a trench coat was even trickier. No one makes those for elementary school boys. A teacher friend came to the rescue on that one, and let us borrow her coat for his costume. The only item he wouldn’t wear was a tie. I guess I can live with that. He topped off his ensemble with a pair of Converse and 3D glasses. I have to admit, he makes the perfect Ten. He can even cock his eyebrow and muss his hair just right. So cute!


That, of course, left me with Eleven. It took a while for me to warm up to his gawky, awkward self… but I learned to love him. How could I resist the challenge to make all his odd sartorial choices look “cool”?

I searched the internet for the perfect inspiration to get my Eleven going. The first thing I noticed (besides the obvious bow ties and fez) was his wonderful black boots. I did some theater in high school, and I still remember the feeling I got when I finally donned the right shoes for the part. Clunky grandma shoes? Cute little heels? Getting the correct footwear was the lynchpin for helping me pull off the part. Thankfully, ‘tis the season for boot shopping!

Rights Maria Selke
A few trips to some local Goodwill stores, and a generous helping of patience, netted me a lovely tweed coat. Would I be satisfied with just this? Absolutely not! I purchased some elbow patches to make the jacket “just right”. A bow tie, a fez, and “braces” rounded out the look.



My sons and I geared up to visit our local Renaissance Faire for one of their Halloween weekends. We got a ton of smiles and grins. One group of ladies even shouted, “It’s the Doctors! Come over here and show us some love!”.



Was all this hard work worth it? You bet! We looked Fan-tastic! 

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