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Sherlock Lives: An Invitation to Sherlock Week

In planning our library calendar for 2014, Christie and I noticed that January 6th is typically celebrated as the birthday of Sherlock Holmes.  I have always been a Sherlock fan, and adore the series on the BBC.  Series 3 of Sherlock is set to debut on January 19th.  During the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special they released a new Sherlock trailer with the hashtag #SherlockLives:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Vq4s8n8vxw?rel=0]

So the week of January 6th through the11th will be Sherlock Week here at TLT and you can participate!  If you would like to write a blog post about Sherlock Holmes – old or new; book, movies or on television – or about YA mysteries or mystery related library programming, please email me at kjensenmls at yahoo and we’ll talk.  I will need all post drafts by December 31st to get them formatted and scheduled.  Join me, we can make fun of Watson’s mustache.
Sherlock Week
January 6th through 11th, 2014

The Myth of Katniss, a Catching Fire movie review (Spoilers)

There was this other big pop culture moment thing that happened this past weekend (yes, something besides Doctor Who), the Catching Fire movie was released and it apparently had the biggest November opening of any movie.  I took the Tween to see it and am going to talk about it after the jump.  There will be spoilers a plenty so proceed at your own risk.


I like The Hunger Games books, but I am not an uber fan.  I read each book when they were released and I read them only once.  Out of the three books, Catching Fire was the one I liked the least.  To me, it had to much of a retread feel.  Yes, I know that important things happen and there are big developments, and some subtle ones, but I just hated having to go in and read through another version of the arena events.  I very much felt, “Been there, Done that.”

BUT.  I loved this movie.  Loved it. It was so well done.  The acting was much improved.  The stakes were raised.  And I thought it really highlighted some important things, making them much clearer to the audience – especially on the myth of Katniss.  I know some of you are already having a knee jerk reaction, so stick with me for a moment.

I love Katnss.  I think she is a very complex character, but I also think she has been elevated among many as this feminist icon and hero, which she kind of really isn’t and the movie really reminded me of this.  To me, being a feminist is about equality and free agency.  I want to see women have the same respect, rights and opportunities as men.  Actually, I want this for all people regardless of gender, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc.  And I want to see women have free agency, the rights and ability to determine their own path.  It is particularly in this second part where I see the myth of Katniss.  Let’s discuss.

Katniss is in many ways fierce.  When we first meet her we know that she has been taking care of her family, hunting and supplying them with food.  She is determined, strong willed, and possesses many admirable goals.  We also see her, at times throughout the books, as being selfish, bullheaded and half-cocked.  See, she is complex.  She has depth and flaws and is very realistic.  BUT, and this is a big but, she is not the revolutionary hero that many make her out to be.

She stumbled into herodom.  And in much of the books she is being used as a pawn, by both sides.  In a lot of The Hunger Games and Catching Fire Katniss does not have free agency, a fact that was highlighted all too well by the final scene in Catching Fire.  As we see Katniss being lifted out of the games – being saved by men who have conspired to save her so that they can use her as a token to inspire their revolution – we are reminded once again of how little free agency Katniss had in books one and two.  These people – these men in fact – are using her.  And because they don’t inform her of their plan, her self-agency is being denied her.  In fact we learn in Mockingjay that there is a lot that no one has bothered to tell Katniss. 

We also see, in that final gaze into the camera, the moment where she makes a decision to fully participate in the revolution.  It is in this moment that she begins to become the revolutionary hero that much of the media makes her out to be.  Before this, she is a pawn, a token, a symbol.  She has stumbled into something that she doesn’t fully understand or realize; events are being orchestrated around her, using her as a symbol without her full knowledge or consent.

That’s not to say she doesn’t display amazing character traits and tendencies, because she does.  We see it when she volunteers as tribute; we see it in the way she handles Rue’s death; and we see it when she stands up to and holds her own with President Snow.  I mean, this is a teenage girl being called to stand before the powerful, sociopathic president of Panem, and she looks him straight in the eye.  That’s pretty admirable. I do believe I would wet my pants. Don’t laugh, you probably would too.

There was another great scene that showed the push and pull of Katniss while her and Peeta were on tour.  Peeta agrees to speak when they pull into the first district stop, Rue’s district.  Peeta is going to be the man and step up and save her, because it is clear that Katniss does not want to speak.  And you see Katniss standing there, brimming with emotion but once again being controlled by the threats of President Snow, and then she steps forward and speaks from the heart.  It was a beautiful scene that illustrated the push and pull of influence inside (and out) Katniss.  Here, President Snow still has tremendous power over her and she is trying to play into his hand to save everyone, but she also knows what is right, what is truth.

That is part of what I love, actually, about The Hunger Games series.  I think it is a much more authentic portrait of a journey.  Katniss doesn’t wake up one day and decide to be a hero and then come in with all this swagger and save the day.  No, she takes some hesitant steps forward, the Capitol reasserts its authority, she wavers (see her reading the speeches on the cards after a man is shot before her).  It’s a dance, and she is not always sure of what the right moves are.  She sometimes stumbles, she sometimes missteps, but then she gets her footing back.

But that last scene, man it galls me.  Especially Haymitch, she trusted him.  Put her life in his hands.  And he doesn’t even do her the courtesy of letting her know what is happening.

So the other day I was thinking about the various YA dystopians that I have read and I was trying to remember: Are there any dystopian/post apocalyptic YA novels where the main female character is truly and fully aware of leading a group of people into revolution?  It seems, and trust me I haven’t read them all so I could be totally wrong, that the tendency is that the female meets a male who then brings her into the revolution (see also Tris and Four) and the female still has less agency than the male because she has less knowledge and experience about the truth of their society and the revolution, giving the male character a huge advantage and making them the de facto leader.  

Anyhow, loved the movie.  Thought it was very well done.  Took the Tween and she also loved it (she has not read the books). Entertainment Weekly has an article on 12 changes from the book to the movie if you are interested.

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Reel Thoughts: Thor The Dark World (Spoilers)

Thor: Marvel
So, I’ve been thinking long about Thor: The Dark World. I went to see it twice- once with Karen and the Tween, and then again with That Guy and my teen volunteers. 
 And both times I LOVED it, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought- it’s not THOR’S tale. It’s like how Ferris Bueller’s Day Off isn’t Ferris’ story, it’s CAMERON’S story- Cameron is the one who starts off all anxious and worried, but by the end of the movie, he’s confident in himself, and willing to take the hit for the car. 

Now There Be Spoilers

It’s the same with Thor: The Dark World. The story isn’t Thor’s- we had that in the first one where he went from giant kegger frat boy to actual justice warrior. It isn’t Jane’s story (although I’d actually like a nice Marvel One-Shot about Jane and Darcy and what they did in between the Thor movies, because Darcy rubbed of on Jane quite a bit from the first to the second movie).

It’s a cross between The Empire Strikes Back and LOKI’S story.

Stay with me for a bit.

When people think of Star Wars (and we’re not going to talk about the “prequel” mess), they either talk about A New Hope or Return of the Jedi because those were THE movies. A New Hope gave you ALL the characters and all the story, and wrapped everything up neatly, while Return of the Jedi gave you the the plot and the darkness and the background. No one says that their favorite was The Empire Strikes Back, because all of that movie was setting the bridge between A New Hope and Return of the Jedi.

That’s part of what Thor: A Dark World is doing. Think about it. They had to start telling the story of the Infinity Gems (what this Marvel Universe is calling them) because it’s going to be a HUGE point in Guardians of the Galaxy and possibly either Avengers 2 or Avengers 3. We KNOW it’s part of Guardians of the Galaxy because The Collector is listed in the cast.   His best known role in the Marvel pantheon is with the Infinity Gems, and geek upon geekiest, Marvel frakking smacks at it in Thor. So we’re BUILDING UP TO having the Infinity Gems. So, Empire Strikes Back.


Dark World is also LOKI’S story. Think about it. We end the first Thor with Loki learning the truth about his parentage, and dealing with the fact that Odin has always loved Thor better- and he basically suicides rather than live in Thor’s shadow. In The Avengers, he’s joined forced to use the Tesseract to take over Earth as his own planet, but is thrashed. 

 So in A Dark World, Loki comes back to his adoptive homeworld in chains, disgraced by his “brother” and his “father”, but still loved by his mother. She DIES after he fights with her, and HE is the cause of her destruction- and HE knows it. Yet he still blames Thor because he should have saved her somehow. Yet, Loki joins with Thor to get Jane out of Asgard, and fights with him against the Dark Elves. Why? TO FAKE HIS DEATH.

Doctor Who: BBC


WHY? To TAKE OVER ASGARD. That’s the last we see of Loki in the movie- sitting on the Throne, like he wanted, and King of Asgard because Thor has given up his claim. Is that the end of Loki? The end of his story? He ends up King and lives happy ever after? Does this smile give you that?
Depends on what Marvel has up their sleeves- but with such a character as Loki, and such a huge actor that they’ve made Tom Hiddleston, I sincerely doubt it. I don’t think he’ll come back in Avengers 2, but I can definitely see him in Avengers 3.
So really, Thor The Dark World isn’t about Thor at all. After all, he ends up on Earth a househusband (actually, I bet Avengers 2 happens pretty close after the ending of this movie- we already took away his alias in the first Thor, and he doesn’t have the medical knowledge that his alter character did in the comics). It’s about Loki, and setting things up for Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers.
But oh, what a wonderful ride.

Sunday Reflections: Librarians are to Libraries as Companions are to their Doctor

When book people and librarians think of library services in relation to Doctor Who, the first comparison is that the TARDIS is like a library and the librarian and library staff are like the Doctor. I’ve said it, Karen’s said it, everyone else has either said it or thought about it. But what if, instead of the library being the big blue box, the library is actually the Doctor, and the library staff are the Companions?

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I threw you a twist. Think about it for a minute. The Doctor has been around for over 900 years, his personality changes with each regeneration into a completely separate person yet he keeps the memories of the Doctor before. He strives to do good in the Universe, yet can constantly lose his way if not guided. He has the capability to be amazing and brilliant, yet if left to travel alone will fall into depression, funk and worse (we’ve seen it with Doctors 10 and 11, and in older ones as well).

With me so far?

Libraries have been around since the 7th Century with the King of Assyria, up to present day. (Old and growing older). Their personalities change with the communities around them, and with each remodel and reconstruction or new building that they’re moved into, yet they attempt to keep the history of what they’ve done and what their area contains as well as the knowledge they’ve collected (regeneration, anyone?). If you look at a library’s core, their goal is to educate, inform, and entertain (do good) yet if they don’t have strong staff, administration, and support from the community and their city/county they can fall into disrepair and crumble.

See the parallels?

So if libraries are the Doctors, then LIBRARIANS are the Companions.

If you watch a season of Doctor Who (or actually certain episodes, but really, can you watch just one?), you can tell that the Companions have enormous impact on their Doctor. Just from the current reboot (Doctors 9 {Eccleson}, 10 {Tennant}, and 11 {Smith}), you have Rose turning 9 from a Doctor full of hate and anger to one that’s capable of love and forgiveness, and Captain Jack turning into a loveable rogue. 

You have Rose, Jack, Martha, Donna, and River shaping 10 into the brilliance that he is, and knowing that he touches so many lives and does so many things, yet is not entirely the person he thinks he may be, because he still pines for Rose, regrets what happens to Captain Jack and Doctor Donna, and the final confrontation with the Master. 

You have Amelia and Rory and River shaping 11 and facing his death, his wife, his in-laws, and death in a way that hasn’t been explored before. And now we have Clara bringing 11 back from his funk, and having him figure out why she’s the Impossible Girl, and always there.

The Companions are the ones who are shaping and guiding the Doctors’ experiences, and giving them something to breathe and a way to showcase themselves, to make them better than who they are alone- challenging them and expanding on themselves in ways that a Time Lord may not have ever been before.

That’s EXACTLY what librarians should be doing in libraries- shaping and changing and expanding to not just what their communities needs and want, but thinking beyond that, ahead of that. Showing their communities the possibilities that the library could be, and what the possibility the community could be if they back the library. It doesn’t matter that the “traditional” model of a library is about physical books, or that the “new” model is all e-books- it matters whether your community needs, wants, or will want it. We need to be the inspiration and the spark in libraries.

We need to be the in love and flirty River Song for our 10

We need to be the sarcastic Rose poking at the ego of our 9

But most of all, we need to be Clara, challenging our 11

Favorite Doctor Who Quotes from a Tween (by Maria Selke)

Today I bring you a guest post from one of my all time favorite people – my nine year old son!

He’s just the tiniest bit obsessed with Doctor Who at the moment. He asks to watch episodes during almost all of his free time. He dressed as Tennant for Halloween. Ten is “his Doctor”.
Favorite 10 DW Quotes
(note not in favorite order)



  1. Everyone thinks they can run with the Doctor forever, eventually everyone can’t keep up. -River Song
  2. You Think You’re A Doctor, Well Stitch This Mate! -Jackie Tyler
  3. Thats the second time a mother hit me. -The Doctor
  4. Well a leg is a leg and a axe is an axe, Do It! -Donna Noble
  5. You are not Alone. -The Face of Boe
  6. You know what my friends sometimes call me? The Face of Boe. -Captain Jack Harkness
  7. I only take the strong never the weak. -The Doctor
  8. Don’t you hear it doctor, the never ending drumming getting closer and closer? – The Master
  9. You know time goes just like this *Snap*. -Adam’s mom
  10. You can’t fix the world by yelling at it. -Wilfred Mott

I wrote this because I like watching Doctor Who and because sometimes the quotes are really funny.

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A Tween Top 10: Favortie things from Doctor Who

In my house, Doctor Who is a family affair.  We don’t go a night without my Tween asking, “Can we watch Doctor Who tonight?” I can never think of a reason to say no, so we do.  So I thought we would get a Tween perspective.  Here is my Tween, nicknamed Kicky, writing about her favorite Doctor Who things in her own words.

My favorite Doctor Who moments are:

Favorite Doctor -10 because of his white converse and his favorite phrase “Allons-y” (French for “let’s go”)

Favorite Companion –Rose Tyler and Mickey because they are so caring and they listen

Favorite Villain –The Daleks because they are so evil and smart at the same time

Favorite Alien Friend – Madame Vastra because she is so loyal and trustworthy and awesome

Favorite Episode – New Earth because Rose, Cassandra, and flying cars (Editor’s note: The episode her and her sister watch the most is actually The Curse of the Black Spot, so this surprised me.)

Favorite Earth Person Who Meets the Doctor –William Shakespeare because he is amazing with words

Favorite Weapon Used – The poisonous lip gloss Melody used to try to kill the doctor

Favorite Robot –  K-9 because he risked his life for his owner

Favorite Technology –Sonic Screwdriver because the doctor uses it so much and it can do cool things
Favorite Quotes – “Spoilers”, she says it with such style

These are my favorite Doctor Who things (LOL)

I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So here is my 2 cents based on the categories that she chose . . .
Favorite Doctor – 9, in part because he was my first.
Favorite Companions – So much harder to say because I love the story arc of Amy and Rory but I love the personality of Donna Noble and the way she both stood up to and humanized 10, who was so very broken. Um, so it’s a tie.
Favorite Villain – No contest, the Weeping Angels.  But I am also very fond of The Silence which makes me think of The X-Files, another show I love.   The Daleks actually make me laugh every time I see them.

Favorite Alien Friend – Actually, I think Madame Vastra is a good choice because of the morality and dignity of her character, the truth she stood for, and just the way she kicked ass.  But I am also a huge fan of Strax because he is comedic relief.

Favorite Episode – So very, very hard.  Possibly The Snowmen because I love the way Clara is presented, you have Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax, and it has this melancholy haunting to it.  But I also love The Angels Take Manhattan, The Satan Pit, The Doctor Dances, and, of course, Blink.

Favorite Earth Person Who Meets the Doctor – Donna Noble’s grandfather Wilfred Mott.  He just breaks my heart with his earnest love for his granddaughter and the part he plays in the life of 10.

Favorite Weapon Used – I guess I never pay attention to the weapons, so sure – the poison lipstick works just as well for me in this category.

Favorite Robot – K-9, just for its coolness factor.  I mean, it’s a robot dog.

Favorite Technology – Yep, the sonic screwdriver.

Favorite Quote – I talk about this in another post, but if I had to choose one it would be, “We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?”

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Doctor Who Week: Christie’s Favorite Companion

When people ask me who my favorite companion is for Doctor Who, I always have to qualify my answer because I liked them all differently.

I liked Rose because she helped 9 learn to love again, and 10 find his heart.

I liked Martha because she was brilliant, and ended up leading squadrons of UNIT and walked the Earth to save it.

I liked Donna because she stood up to the Doctor and never backed down.

I liked Amy and Rory because even though they fought and bickered, and it seemed like she was in love with the Doctor, she was always in love with Rory, and they were each other’s everything.

I like Clara because she seems to have infinite possibilities, and I’m looking forward to seeing how she’ll balance 12.

However, my absolute favorite companion was there for all of four episodes, and some say is not a companion at all.
My absolute favorite is Captain Jack Harkness.
Because of his growth.
Think about it.
We meet him with 9 and he’s pulling scams with space junk, and caused the mutation of the human race. Then he saves everyone by trying to sacrifice himself. Then he draws off the fire of the Daleks to give the Doctor time to save the Earth again. And Rose gives him immortality, and he’s left behind. He has to fight his way back to current time and space, and learn how to live with this new “life” he’s been given, and how to deal with everything with a new perspective- that everyone will die around him and he will live on. Yet he takes on Torchwood, changes it’s history, and makes it GOOD, and makes a force of change with ordinary humans.

That, in and of itself would make him a top companion.

And then, to top it off, there’s this:


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Doctor Who Week is a joint venture between  Maria’s Melange and Teen Librarian Toolbox. We have a full week of fun posts to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

Friday Finds – November 22, 2013

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It’s Doctor Who Week! 
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Top 5 Companions according to a Tween, a guest post by Maria Selke

This Doctor Who post is being brought to you from our Doctor Who Week companion (see what I did there) Maria Selke from Maria’s Melange.

Today I bring you another guest post from one of my all time favorite people – my nine year old son!

Source BBCAmerica

We were discussing an article I had seen recently on Buzzfeed, where someone ranked all of the Doctor’s Companions. Of course, this lead to our our conversation about HIS favorites. I was greatly amused by his list and his reasons for each ranking.

Companions List:
1) Rose – I have seen her the most so far.
2) Donna – She yells at the world constantly and it is funny.
3) Clara – She is mysterious (at this point he’s only seen her in two episodes)
4) Amy & Rory – I like them, but not as much as the others. They are not with the Doctor I like the most.
5) River – She is mysterious, too. Not as much as Clara. I like her in A Good Man Goes to War.

When I asked him why Martha didn’t make his list, he said that she would be #6, but he was sticking with a top 5 for his official list. Sarah Jane would come in right after Martha.

Doctors (He wanted me to point out that these are the only Doctors he has seen – so far)

10 – This is HIS Doctor – and the one he dressed up as for Halloween.
11 – He is funny.
9 – Better than four and one.
4 – The special effects are corny.
1 – I haven’t seen any aliens yet for this one.

Where do I stand on this matter?


I would keep Rose and Donna in the top two, absolutely. I freely admit to totally “shipping” the Doctor and Rose. I don’t want all of my companions to have a romantic interest in him, though, which may be why Martha wasn’t one of my favorites. I wouldn’t have Clara in my Top 5, though. I do like the eventual reveal of her mystery and purpose, but I wish that her “deal” wasn’t just being mysterious. I didn’t feel like I really got to know her. River would come in higher for me. I just LOVE her spunk, and I mimic her “spoilers, sweetie” on a regular basis.



I’m going to stick to my guns on Nine here and put him first. He’s the one who brought me in the Whoniverse and I love his darkness and his spontaneous goofy grins. Fantastic!

Ten comes next. He’s just so stinking adorable, with his cocked eyebrow and his ruffled up hair. He has the dark streak from Nine (I like to say, “Your nine is showing!”) and the start of the silly from Eleven.

Eleven comes after these two. He’s like the goofy older brother of your best friend that just makes you shake your head and grin so much of the time. I keep waiting for him to fall over something.

I can’t wait to see more of the older Doctors so I can feel like I have a more informed opinion about them.
This post is part of TWO marvelous blogging events!
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Doctor Who Week is a joint venture between my blog Maria’s Melange and Teen Librarian Toolbox. We have a full week of fun posts to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told (Spoilers)

WARNING: There are serious spoilers in this post regarding the story of Amelia Pond and Rory Williams. DO NOT READ THIS POST IF YOU HAVE NOT YET WATCHED THEIR FULL STORY ARC.

I like to pretend that I am not at all romantic, but the truth is – I am in love with the idea of true love.  Soul mates.  Which is why I am in love with the story of Amelia Pond and Rory Williams.

Their story does not have the most romantic beginning – but it has the most tragically beautiful end.  An end that speaks volumes about sacrifice and yearning.  It is, after all, called marriage.

Source: Fanpop

When we first meet Amy, she is engaged to Rory but she takes off with the Doctor.  Then, for a while, you think she is in love with the Doctor.  And maybe she is.  I mean, she did try and kiss him.  But she can’t shake these feelings she has for Rory.

Soon Rory is traveling with them.  He waits 2,000 years to be with her, earning the name The Last Centurion.  Then he is erased from her memory but she feels is if something isn’t quite right.  There is this niggling sometimes in her brain.

Seriously, so many obstacles are thrown in their way.  Amy is replaced by a Ganger.  Rory dies.  Seriously, he dies a lot.  Their baby is kidnapped.  And there is always the Doctor – and jealousy.

Source: Hello Pretty Rory on Tumblr

At one point and time, the two are on the verge of getting a divorce.  It looks like the end for my favorite couple.  My heart was breaking.  But then . . . 

Which brings us, finally, to The Angels Take Manhattan.  One of my favorite story arcs.  First, I love the noir way this story is told.  And of course that it involves a book, a P.I. novel no less.  But it is also here that we see Amy and Rory’s love on full glorious display.

Rory is trapped in a time loop.  We have just seen him die – in fact he has just seen his older self die –  having spent years alone and without Amy.  The two lovers, now husband and wife who have traveled through time and space and seen unparalleled adventures, are trying to create a paradox and close a time loop.  So they jump – together and in each other’s arms – off of the roof of Winter Quay. 

They end up in a cemetary.  But not the way you think.  Not dead.  No, they have done it.  They have closed the time loop.  They have created the paradox that they needed.

And just as you think everything is okay, one remaining straggling angel reaches out and sends Rory back.  This time, there is no easy fix.  Hope seems lost.  Amy’s only choice is to leave Rory or to leave the Doctor.  And she chooses Rory. Gah! This whole scene makes me tear up.  Through a lifetime of sacrifices for each other – not always equal – Amy finally makes the one sacrifice that no one thinks she can make for Rory: she leaves the Doctor and all that comes with being his companion behind to grow old in a normal life with Rory.

Now this, this is a love story.  It’s not smooth.  It’s not easy.  But it tugs all the right strings on your heart.  There are some YA authors who do this well, a couple that have even made me cry – I’m talking to you John Green and Sarah Dessen.  But nothing so far has compared – for me – to the story of Amelia Pond (the Girl Who Waited), her Raggedy Man (The Doctor),  and the Last Centurion (Rory Williams).  They truly sacrificed everything – access to the entire universe and all of time and space – to be together. Now that’s love.

Also, be sure to check out this P.S., Whatever Happened to Amy and Rory?

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