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The Cybils and Thanksgiving 2013

So for the second year, I am honored to be a YA Speculative Fiction judge in the Cybils. So this is what my dining room table looks like as I check out books, read, make notes, and read, then discuss, and then read some more. It is the most awesome thing. Ever. I am in bliss.

I love the reading and discussing part. Lots of great books were nominated this year. And we have been reading furiously. Great times.

The only issue is that I have been informed that I have to clean off the table for Thanksgiving dinner later today. Can’t we have a picnic on the floor?

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I am so impressed with people who judge these things. I would fail so big because I hate when I feel like I am assigned to read things. Good luck and have fun!! Read on!

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