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Christie says Goodbye 2013….

Everyone makes resolutions for the New Year…  Mine for 2013 were:

How did I do?

  1. Straighten Desk:  I get it somewhat straight- at least a little. It may be that I leave 15-20 minutes later than my schedule, but at least I have a clear place to work the next day. And, it’s always clear before I leave for an extended period of time…..
  2. Hug More: We definitely got more hugs this year…
  3. Breathe Deeper: Still working on the breathing. I haven’t really figured out how to deep breathe and release the stress like you are supposed to, but I’m trying to learn.
  4. Keep Schedule: I am working on calendars and schedules. Some days I make it, some days I don’t. I get laughed at about things, but it helps
  5. Love More: Definitely gave out more love, and while my heart might have gotten smushed in the process, I’m working on it.
  6. Star Reviews: I tried to star/rate reviews. I really did. My problem is that I don’t think of books that way, and what makes it an 5 star book for me could make it a 3 star book for others, or a 2 star for me could be a 5 star for someone else. That’s really a lot of stress.
  7. Declutter House: So did not happen.
  8. Eat Better & Exercise More: Always ongoing, right? Sure, probably didn’t do as well as I needed or wanted to…
  9. Read More: Always and always…..

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