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School and Public Library Collaboration, part 1 (An Introduction) with Naomi Bates

Naomi Bates is an (awesome!) public school librarian – High School – here in Texas.  She also runs a blog called YA Books and More.  I love this blog.  In fact, when I first moved to Texas I emailed her and asked her if she wanted to meet for lunch.  It didn’t happen then, but we did eventually meet.  This year we are working on a joint project to discuss ways in which public and school librarians can work together to serve teens in their communities.  We will be posting a separate question each month, vlogging our response to the question, and asking you to weigh in as well.

For our first Vlog, we thought we would introduce the project and share what our goals are for the project.

Here’s Naomi . . .

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhBaEKJztD4?rel=0]

And here’s my introduction to the project . . .

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTQi0v7sPKs?rel=0]

Here’s the 411

Each month, we’ll record a short vlog post in response to the questions below.  And as we mentioned, we really DO want feedback and input from other librarians in the trenches.  The more ideas we have, the better we all are at advocating for libraries, reading and teens.  So join us the last week in February as we discuss some of the unique challenges to school and public librarians.  Join the discussion by leaving your comments or by uploading your own video entry into the dialogue and pasting the link.  If you send me the embed code (kjensenmls at yahoo dot come), I’ll even put you in the post.

Unique Challenges: What you didn’t know about your school/public librarian
Collection Development: Goals, challenges, and are we really that different?
Getting Your Foot in the Door: Building a relationship with your local school/public librarian
Working Together: From the little things to the big, ways in which school and public librarians can work together to serve teens


  1. Great plan! I am a school librarian who has worked with the public librarians on one program a month for several years, but I know we could do even more. Looking forward to getting some motivation and new ideas.

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