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Christie’s My Side Effects May Vary Bucket List


Karen already reviewed Side Effects May Vary, and I am totally in love with it as well. *sigh*

To celebrate the awesome release, and following Karen’s direction, I thought I’d share some of my bucket list as well!

To Try a Cruise


 I’ve never been on a cruise before- actually, aside from a class trip to Mexico after I graduated high school I’ve never been out of the country. That Guy and I were going to have a huge trip to London/Ireland/Scotland a couple of years ago, and then life smacked us upside the head in a huge way so that never happened. With his medical issues, I’m not sure a European vacation is something that we can do presently, but a short cruise might be something. We are going to attempt it (knock on everything) this October- finances, health, and everything else willing.

To Go To London

As much as Karen wants to take the tWeen to Paris, I’ve always wanted to go to London. I want to have an actual formal afternoon tea at a hotel. I want to go to Harrod’s, and get a teddy bear for my Mom. I want to ride the London Eye, and see the changing of the guard.

Visit All the Disney Parks

Make no mistake, I love Disney. I love the thought that goes behind all the Imagineering in the attractions and the queues, the scenery, the landscaping, and the atmosphere. I know that the movies and other media have huge issues, but I really love the parks. I’ve been to both parks in North America, and think that it would be a dream to go to the parks around the world- especially the ones in Hong Kong, Tokyo and the new one they’re building in Shanghai, where the parks are the local date night scene, and everyone dresses up in the character culture. And oh, please let me go to Tokyo during Halloween. Pretty please?!?!??!!

 To Attend a Broadway Musical


As much as I love Disney Parks, I love musicals. I have seen musicals at Fair Park in Dallas, at the Bass Theater in Fort Worth, and in various cities when I’ve gone to them for conferences. However, I’ve never been to one on Broadway- the home of the Broadway Musical.  One day I SOOOO want to go to New York and see a musical actually ON BROADWAY. Really, I could have like two a day for an entire weekend and gorge like a Netflix marathon, but I think that would be more than my entire yearly salary…. So I may have to settle for one. But I can dream….

To Take Over the World

 Karen and I are working hard to do amazing things.
She and Heather put together this:

and in addition to this blog, we have both been presenting and will be presenting at the American Library Association Midwinter Meetings and Annual Conferences (including Las Vegas), the Texas Library Association Annual Conference (including this April in San Antonio), and I will be presenting at the YALSA Young Adult Literature Symposium in Austin this fall. We’ve had over a MILLION page views, and all of this is wonderful. but just the beginning. In our dream, we would get to speak all over the nation, sharing our ideas and our passion for teen services with others, teaching people how to build excellent teen programs and teen spaces into their libraries, and how to train staff how to work with tweens and teens. Basically, we want to take over the world.

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