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An update on Ferguson Library

I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was a Twitter search of “Ferguson Library” to see what the library was doing today. They are serving meals and holding classes for kids grades K-12 today and tomorrow as the town waits for schools to reopen next week. I took a couple of screen caps of my search to show you below. Look at those amazing pictures!

In addition, someone has now started a Fundly for school supplies for Ferguson students. You can donate here: https://fundly.com/school-supplies-for-ferguson-florissant-students. This is in addition to the food drives that are happening for Ferguson which I mentioned yesterday.

And can I take a moment to say this: I am in awe of what the teachers and librarians are doing in Ferguson, but I also want casual or even non-library users to keep in mind that this is in fact what libraries do every day – we serve our local communities. In fact, libraries across the country just spent the summer hosting program after program as part of their summer reading clubs to keep teens reading and learning over the summer. And they will do variations of the same throughout the school year as they open their doors to support each and every member of their local community and help provide them with a safe space to learn, to grow, to rest, to connect and more. This is what libraries do. Every. Single. Day. Ferguson Library is just a very important reminder of what that looks like and why it matters.

If you would like to donate to Ferguson Library, their address is: 
35 N Florissant Rd, 
Ferguson, MO 63135.

And as Dolly Moehrle (@Loather) mentioned on Twitter, consider making a donation to Ferguson Library and making a matching donation to YOUR local public library. Because when you need them, they are there.

Additional resources: ABC News Story on Ferguson Library

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