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Circulating Maker Kits Update

circulatingmakerkit1Several of you have asked me to keep you updated on the Circulating Maker Kits that we started in late July and early of August 2015 at The Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County (OH).

To date we have 16 kits and yesterday 6 of them were checked out.

To date the 16 kits have circulated 25 times.

The most popular kit seems to be the Stop Motion Animation kit. It was returned on Tuesday and I went to look for it Wednesday on the shelf because I needed something in it, it had already been checked out again. It has circulated 3 times total.

One kit already seems to be overdue and we fear it may not be coming back. However, we expected there would be some loss just as there is with all of our other material types.

We did have to tweak some of the table of contents to make it easier for the staff to check the kits in and out and make sure all of the items were present in the kits.

All in all, the Circulating Maker Kits appear to be doing well for us.

And just for fun, here’s a picture of The Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County’s library director John Chidester checking out one of the Circulating Maker Kits for his grandson.


You can read more about the Circulating Maker Kits at The Public Library of Mount Vernon and some of my other MakerSpace posts here.



  1. I love this idea and was so inspired that I wrote a grant (and was funded!) to create a similar project for our middle school library. One question— did you do any type of data collection from patrons? I need to submit a report to the organization that funded the project in a few months, and I plan on photographing student creations and soliciting both informal and formal feedback (possibly a short survey when they return the kits). Did you do anything similar or have any suggestions? Thank you for all these resources!

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