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Sunday Reflections: Yes, Teens Still Read! Texas Teen Book Festival Recap

I have been told by some readers that my Sunday Reflections always make them cry, to which I must say I’m sorry. So today I bring you a Sunday Reflection full of joy. Yesterday, The Teen and I (and Thing 2, though she had much different feelings about it then us) drove down to Austin, Texas for the Texas Teen Book Festival 2015. We met up with the super awesome Mary Hinson (@knoxdiver on Twitter if you for some reason are not following her) and hung out.

Mary and The Teen stopped by the Star Wars themed photo booth.

Maria Manzano from Sesame Street gave the keynote address. She talked about growing up in poverty and in a home with a continuous cycle of domestic violence. She also talked about all the testing kids today have to take and the value of reading:

One of our main goals for the day was to get our ARC of EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING signed by Nicola and David Yoon. As you may know The Teen (and I) loved this book and she has said it is definitely in her top 5 of 2015.

Finally, we unlocked that achievement. Nicola and David Yoon were incredibly kind and gracious to The Teen.

But the main take away I want everyone to have from the Texas Teen Book Festival is that teens DO IN FACT STILL READ BOOKS. I know, many people say teens don’t read! Books are dying! Etc., etc., etc. But the truth is, there were copious amounts of teens standing in long lines to talk about books and meet their favorite authors. There were loving and supportive teachers and parents who took them and gave them money to help make their dreams of meeting their favorite authors and getting their books signed come true. So next time you hear someone says teens don’t read and books don’t matter, just know that they are wrong.

See, no tears this Sunday Reflection. And if for some reason you did cry, I hope they were tears of joy at seeing all those teens loving books.


  1. Nicole Cardiel says:

    YES! Teens still love books! I was at the TTBF15 with my teen too. It made my heart so happy to see all these teens very EXCITED to meet their favorite authors. Yay books! Yay reading!

  2. We were absolutely delighted to have such a great turnout and appreciate the mention! It’s so gratifying to see teens and favorite authors socializing and connecting. What a great day!

  3. thanks for bringing me great sunday. i am inspired by your post

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