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The School Library Journal/Library Journal Maker Workshop

Earlier today I was invited to be a part of the Library Journal Lead the Change Maker Workshop and present a brief overview of my recent article in School Library Journal – Small Tech, Big Impact: Designing My Maker Space  The truth is, I was honored to be invited to participate because I did the Library Journal Maker Workshop last year as part of my research and preparation for the MakerSpace I created at The Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County (OH). It’s an online classroom environment that allows you to upload and submit work and get feedback from your small group. My small group leader was librarian Amy Koester, who I have long admired. In addition, we had a variety of online webinars that challenged us to think more broadly about making and discussed ways to get staff by in. It was an invaluable part of my research and creation process.

If you have a chance, I highly recommend participating in one of the Library Journal Maker Workshops. They are full of a lot of information and I liked the interaction and feedback that I received. And here are the slides I presented to give you just a little idea of what it meant to me and the type of things you will do as a part of the workshop.

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