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Librarian Humor: Regional Picture Books You Never See in the Library, but Maybe Should


In the spirit of books like B is for Buckeye: an Ohio Alphabet book, I present to you a little bit of librarian humor. This was inspired by my child who stood in an ant hill while watching the homecoming parade on Saturday. For those of you not from Texas, ants are a real problem here in Texas. You can be standing where it appears there are no ants in sight and suddenly find yourself under attack. They swarm, they bite, and it is awful. Later you get a little white head full of puss on your bite and it itches. A lot. So I tweeted this after it happened:

I then invited everyone on Twitter to join in on the fun, and they did not disappoint. Here’s a look at some of our fun Regional Picture Books that you never see in the library, but maybe should.
Regional Picture Books//

  1. Regional picture books you never see

    I accidentally stood in an ant hill: A Texas Childhood

    What would your region's be?

  2. @TLT16 OK, one more.
    This Isn't From Whole Foods So I Won't Eat It: Autobiography of a Picky Northern California Child.

  3. @TLT16 a picture book for young Chicagoans featuring a parking ticket ala "I'm just a bill" #regionalpicturebooks

  4. @leslie_kuo @TLT16 Wait, I Was Eating What? An Adult Learns Things About Her Military Childhood From Twitter #RegionalPictureBooks

  5. @TLT16 Snakes eat breakfast too! (Your toes would do, so wear your shoe) S. Fla #regionalpicturebooks

  6. @TLT16 Texas Wildlife: Bites & Stings featuring: Fire ants, mosquitos, cotton mouths, scorpions and alligators


  7. Why is everyone buying toilet paper, milk and bread? A Virginia snow story #RegionalPictureBooks

  8. The Place Where No One Knew How to Drive in the Rain: A DC Metro Area Travel Tale #RegionalPictureBooks

  9. @TLT16 Listening to strangers ask "isn't Delaware part of Pennsylvania?": A First State childhood #RegionalPictureBooks



  1. Valetta Cannon says:

    That Log has Teeth: A Tampa Story

    Don’t Kiss the Poison Toad: Surviving Florida

    Purple Lovebug Goo Won’t Rinse Off and other Tampa Car Wash Fundraiser Stories

    Chiggers Love My Ankles: Tales of a Midwest Summer

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