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The 2018 TLT Project: YA A to Z

Each year in addition to our regular book reviews, professional discussions and makerspace and program recaps, we have a special yearly theme here at TLT that we ask you – our readers – to help us with. It began in 2014 with the Sexual Violence in Young Adult Literature Project. We have since then covered faith and spirituality, mental health, poverty and social justice. You can find all the previous projects here at our projects index.

This year we want to create a kind of A to Z index of YA Literature!


There are 52 weeks in a year, that means every 2 weeks we will cover a new letter. For example, the first 2 weeks of January we will cover the letter A. The next 2 weeks we will cover the letter B. What will that look like? It can look however we want it to look. Let’s take the letter B for example. There’s author Sarah Rees Brennan, the book Bone Gape, or topics like bisexuality, book boyfriends, best friends (or best anything really), bugs (either literal bugs or the things that bug you about YA), etc. If it starts somehow in someway with the letter B, you can write about it.

So we’re talking book titles, book authors and book topics. You can make a book list or you can have an in depth discussion. You can be funny or you can be serious. You can be creative. In fact, if you have ever thought I have always wanted to talk about x, y or z but couldn’t figure out a forum for that, THIS is your forum for that.

Because we want to make sure we get started on the early months, we’re announcing today. I think I have successfully created a Google Form that you can fill out to let us know what you would like to talk about here. You can fill it out at any time starting now and throughout all of 2018. (OMG, how is it going to be 2018?!) And yes, you can write about multiple subjects in multiple posts. We try to make guest posting as simple as possible here at TLT, but here is a simple guide if you have any questions.

At the end of 2018, we will have an A to Z guide of YA lit and it will be awesome! Please keep in mind that all previous projects will continue so if you want to write about sexual violence, faith and spirituality, mental health, social justice or poverty, those projects are ongoing.

Email me, Karen, at kjensenmls at yahoo dot com if you have any questions.

  • January – Letters A & B
  • February – Letters C & D
  • March – Letters E & F
  • April – Letters G, H & I
  • May – Letters J & K
  • June – Letters L & M
  • July – Letters N & O
  • August – Letters P & Q
  • September – Letters R & S
  • October – Letters T & U
  • November – Letters V & W
  • December – Letters X, Y & Z

A note to authors and publishers: If you have a new book coming out in 2018, we wills till be covering your book and offering you a chance to guest post on or near your book release date. The normal day to day of TLT will continue and we frequently post throughout the week.


  1. Is Letter H meant to fit with G and I in April?

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