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Striking Teachers Deserve Our Support

Teachers play a critical role in the lives of our youth and they have long been neglected by both state legislatures and local communities. Certainly there are isolated schools and school systems with adequate support, but these are the exception, not the rule. Not only do many teachers work long hours for ridiculously low pay and meager benefits, but they are struggling to do critical work with few resources, both material and human. Because these individuals are the most likely to understand the needs of the students they serve, the last thing they want to see is a strike that puts students out of school. Witness the efforts of teachers during the West Virginia strike to ensure that students had adequate food to get them through the days when schools were closed. We owe our support to these public servants. One of the best ways to start is by becoming informed on the situations and issues of concern. Below you will find a round up of articles to help you get started.

Fed up with school spending cuts, Oklahoma teachers walk out

Teachers Are Marching Ahead Of Their Unions, In Oklahoma And Arizona

Oklahoma And Kentucky Teachers Go On Strike, Demanding More Education Funding

West Virginia teachers strike ends with just one more quick fix *

*A coworker’s spouse works as a teacher in West Virginia and while it may seem like a victory in their case it was definitely mixed results.

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