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DIY Galaxy Rocks

For today’s episode of Cindy Crushes Programming, Cindy Shutts is going to walk us through creating our own galaxy rocks – a perfect activity for this year’s A Universe of Stories summer reading theme.

Our Summer Reading Program began at out library last week and our theme is “Read Under the Stars.” I wanted a space themed program for this week and I have always wanted to make Galaxy Rocks, so we did. Here’s a tutorial on how create your own galaxy rocks.


  • Rocks
  • Glitter Paint
  • Metallic Paint
  • Black Acrylic Paint

Step One:

Get a rock and paint it black and let it dry for about 10 minutes. Rocks dry faster than a lot of other materials.

Step Two:

Paint with the metallic paints next. There are two methods you can do one is do dots with different metallic paints or just paint with one metallic color. I liked the effect of one metallic color better but it really depends on what the teens or you want their rock to look like.

Step Three:

I used multiple types of glitter paint with a lot of layers. I try to let it dry a little before adding the next layer.

Step Four :

Let rock dry. I recommend having a paper plate for the teens to take the rocks home.

Final Thoughts: I loved this craft and the teens who came loved it too. I had low attendance but realized it was scheduled on the 8th grade graduation of both of the local middle schools, which made sense. It’s an important reminder that scheduling is everything.

Here’s a DIY tutorial on YouTube that you may find interesting:

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