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Morgan’s Mumbles: Words without Music to Soothe the Pandemic Soul, by teen contributor Morgan Randall

Recently, I have really been enjoying music without words because it allows the listener to find identification with the music and the tune, rather than words. For me, it allows my mind to flow as I work through my emotions discovering them for myself rather than identifying with words from someone else’s heart (aka lyrics). Not only does it provide me with comfort when I am in emotional turmoil, but it is also really calming to listen to whenever I am studying or when I feel overwhelmed. Here is a collection of some of the songs that I have been loving recently (warning not all of these songs are “calming”, instrumental music is much more than just the classical “calming” music we tend to clump it with):

  • Skinny Love by David Fischbein
  • Barren Lands of the Modern Dinosaur by If These Trees Could Talk
  • The First Fire by If These Trees Could Talk
  • Quiet by This Will Destroy You
  • Zaris by Mooncake
  • Prelude For Time Feelers by Eluvium
  • A Day in the Life by The Album Leaf
  • A Song That Will Help You Remember To Forget by Slow Dancing Society
  • The Giving Tree by If These Trees Could Talk
  • Fireflies by Lights & Motion
  • Safety in Numbers by Jakob
  • Wading by Explosions In The Sky, David Wingo
  • Red Forest by If These Trees Could Talk
  • South Tree by Helios
  • Clear Blue Sky by Followed by Ghosts
  • Hibernation by Random Forest
  • Catching Fireflies by The Soul’s Release
  • two moons by toe
  • A Little Lair For A Very Small Bear by Lowercase Noises
  • The Air Between Us by Hammock

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