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Friday Finds: June 23, 2017

fridayfindsThis Week at TLT

Sunday Reflections: Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Lead Pipe, aka on “Due Process” in Literature and Yes, Another Discussion of MOXIE

MakerSpace: DIY Fidget Spinners in Three Ways

Book Review: Tash Hearts Tolstoy by Kathryn Ormsbee

TPiB: Build an Escape Room by Michelle Biwer

#SJYALit: The X-Men and the social justice of diverse brains (Or, Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not a hero), a guest post by Rachel Gold

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In case you hadn’t heard…

9 Things Readers Do Better Than Anyone Else

High School Students Create Racial Literacy Text to Help Schools and Teens Learn to Talk About Race

9 Refugee Stories for Kids and Teens

We all know how this will affect the children we work with…

Handguns and other firearms cause the deaths of more children in the United States each year than the flu or asthma.

Turning Back the Clock on Hunger and Malnutrition


Friday Finds: June 16, 2017

fridayfindsThis Week at TLT

Sunday Reflections: Celebrating Six Years of TLT

MakerSpace: MakeDo Cardboard Construction Kits

Book Review: Saints and Misfits by S. K. Ali

Mini Book Review: Roar by Cora Carmack

#SJYALit Booklist: Environmental Dystopia, aka Cli-Fi

Let’s Talk about MOXIE by Jennifer Mathieu

Recently in book mail + giveaways

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Jacqueline Woodson Honored by Lambda Literary

Chris Colfer To Celebrate The End of The Land of Stories Series With a Book Tour

New Analysis Finds Uninsured Rate for Kids Would Increase by 50% Under AHCA

Rollback of rules for For-Profit Colleges

A new study finds the challenges rural students face are “staggering” and still overlooked by policymakers – via NPR

It increasingly looks like Russian hackers may have affected actual vote totals.


Friday Finds: June 9, 2017

fridayfindsThis Week at TLT

Sunday Reflections: I Did Not Succeed, but I Also Did Not Fail

TPiB: Wonder Woman Amazon Training Academy for Free Comic Book Day, a guest post by Liz Gotauco

Book Review: Internet Famous by Danika Stone

My Top Ten Internet Things (IRL), a guest post by Danika Stone

#SJYALit: Talking About the Right to Die with Dignity, a guest post by author Kelley York

Introducing Asexuality, a guest post by Laura Perenic

Take 5: YA Lit on Asexuality Resources

Around the Web

Lauren Graham Picks Up YA Novel ‘Windfall’ And Will Adapt As Feature

How Donald Trump Shifted Kids-Cancer Charity Money Into His Business

Child Care a Crucial Component to Strengthening America’s Workforce

In Texas, Abstinence-Only Programs May Contribute To Teen Pregnancies

The Problem Isn’t Food Stamps, It’s Poverty


Friday Finds: May 19, 2017

fridayfindsThis Week at TLT

Sunday Reflections: It’s Hard to Get Out of a Town Like This

WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI and Sex Positive YA, a guest post by author Sandhya Menon and a GIVEAWAY

(Not so) Middle School Monday: In Which I Attend a State Library Conference

What’s New in LGBTQIA+ YA May 2017

#SJYALit: Author Victoria Scott Talks About Social Justice and YA Lit

May 2017 #ARCParty

A #FSYALit Take 5: A Faith That Bends and Stretches, but Does Not Break (Faith and Spirituality in YA Lit)

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ASL: Writing a Visual Language Comments

Is ‘Internet Addiction’ Real?

6 Historical YA Novels in Which #ShePersisted

Teen Vogue FTW

For Families With Special Needs, Vouchers Bring Choices, Not Guarantees

Free tampons in school bathrooms? A 14-year-old girl made it happen

Teen magazines have always covered more than fashion. You just didn’t notice.


Friday Finds: May 12, 2017

fridayfindsThis Week at TLT

Sunday Reflections: Thinking About Mental Health, a #MHYALit Post by Ally Watkins

In Our Mailbox: More Thoughts on 13 Reason Why, Teens and Libraries

Middle School Monday: Teens, Body Image and Wonder Woman

Book Review: City of Angels by Kristi Belcamino

#MHYALit at Teen Lit Con

Video Games Weekly: Overcooked – One of the Best Teen Game Night Games You’ve Never Heard Of

Book Review: That Thing We Call a Heart by Sheba Karim

Resources: #SVYALit and #MHYALit – Teens and Suicide, Teens and Sexual Violence Brochures

Around the Web

America’s Cult of Ignorance

A Huge Sports Sex Abuse Scandal Is Unfolding, And You Probably Haven’t Heard About It

Record-Setting Senate Support Needed to Save Federal Library Funding

Book Deals: Week of May 8, 2017

Sorry, everyone, I’ve been at a conference all week. More links next week!



Friday Finds: May 5, 2017

fridayfindsThis week at TLT

Sunday Reflections: Doing the Heavy Lifting at the Library, Working with a Hurting Public to Find Healing

#SJYALit: The Lunar Chronicles as a Reflection of Current U.S. Political Climate, a guest post by Emily Keyes

Book Review: Girl Out of Water by Laura Silverman

Book Review: How to Make a Wish by Ashley Herring Blake

Take 5: MakerSpace Tools I Learned About at TLA 2017

Sunday Reflections: When There is No Village

Book Review: The Lines We Cross by Randa Abdel-Fattah

#MHYALit: A Letter to My Teen Self, by author Sara Wolf

Around the Web

Chechen authorities tell parents: ‘Kill your gay sons or we will’, survivor claims

Trump Administration Rolls Back Michelle Obama’s Healthy School Lunch Push

Trump administration memo calls for ending Michelle Obama’s girls education program

Free Comic Book Day

Tim Federle shares cover for Life Is Like a Musical

Teen with autism denied trip he won to UN

Why Don’t More People Consider Competitive Cheerleading a Sport?


Friday Finds: April 28, 2017

fridayfindsThis Week at TLT

MakerSpace: 5 Low or No Tech Activities for a Teen MakerSpace

Middle School Monday: Fangirling from Afar

National School Climate Survey results about LGBTQ students’ experiences in school

#SJYALit: Ten Young Adult Novels for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, a guest post by Clara Kensie

Thinking about 13 Reasons Why: Teens, Mental Health and Media

Book Review: When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

Recently in Book Mail

Around the Web

What Betsy DeVos wants to do to your student loans

New York City Believes in a Free and Open Internet

10 Novels with Latinx Main Characters to Look Forward to In 2017

Tahereh Mafi returns to the Shatter Me series with three new books

A survey on sexual assault alarmed colleges. Here’s how top schools responded.

Teachers should not shy away from addressing controversial issues in the classroom.

Why YA Series Aren’t Guilty Pleasures

Why Harry Styles’s Respect for Teen Girls Is So Important

Friday Finds: April 21, 2017

fridayfindsThis Week at TLT

Sunday Reflections: Empty Bellies, Starving Hearts – What happens when teens see compassion die

App Review: Enlight

What’s New in LGBTQIA+ YA April 2017

#SJYALit: Rape Culture–Twenty-five years ago and today, a guest post by Clara Kensie

Rethinking How We Think about Cheerleaders

You Don’t Have to Use the Internet & Other Absurd Things Politicians Say in 2017

#SJYALit: Good Girls Don’t Wear That! a guest post by Kim Baccellia

#SJYALit: Breaking Taboos, Telling Secrets, a conversation between Isabel Quintero and Elana K. Arnold

Around the Web

How I Feel As a Native Woman When Trump Idolizes Andrew Jackson

In Portugal, Drug Use Is Treated As A Medical Issue, Not A Crime

Schools Will Soon Have To Put In Writing If They ‘Lunch Shame’

A teen girl flawlessly took a Republican senator to task and defended Planned Parenthood in epic town hall exchange


Friday Finds: April 14, 2017

fridayfindsThis Week at TLT

Sunday Reflections: That’s Me in the Corner . . .

Middle School Monday: Book Review and Giveaway, The Speed of Life by Carol Weston

For National Poetry Month: A Social Justice Poetry Project for Teens, a guest post by Laura Shovan

#SJYALit: How to be Female, a conversation between Mindy McGinnis and Amber J. Keyser

MakerSpace Madness: Out of the 1, Many – Transforming Art in Multiple Ways

Spotlight on Salaam Reads

Around the Web

Help with understanding the United incident

Desertification by Donalyn Miller

Lawmaker’s Childhood Experience Drives New Mexico’s ‘Lunch Shaming’ Ban

Should High School Students Need A Foreign Language To Graduate?

A library’s purpose in the internet age

Why Do Conversations About Pop Music Still Bash the Fangirl?

5 reasons to love Beverly Cleary for her 101st birthday

Meet The Teen Sexual Assault Survivors Who Took On Their School District And Won

Friday Finds: April 7, 2017

fridayfindsThis Week at TLT

Guest Post: Five Things I’ve Learned from Being an Advice Columnist by Carol Weston

MakerSpace Madness: Mod-A-Tee @ Your Library – Fun with T-Shirts

#SJYALit: From Aberrant Girl to Nasty Woman, a conversation between Elana K. Arnold and Amber J. Keyser

Book Review: Amina’s Voice by Hena Khan

The Power of Humor in YA, a guest post by Jeff Strand

Video Games Weekly: Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild

Life-enhancing things that matter to young Muslim women, a guest post by Khadija

Book Review: The Gauntlet by Karuna Riazi

MakerSpace: Low Tech, Low Cost “Screenprinting”

Around the Web

How Teachers Help Students Who’ve Survived Trauma

Kansas High School Student Explains What Led To Ousting Of New Principal

Fighting Hate In Schools

New Data Powers Progress for Teens, Also Creates Problems

Read an excerpt from Kristin Cashore’s 5-genre novel, Jane, Unlimited

This YA Author Is Shutting Down Slut-Shaming Trolls Everywhere