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Teen Take: A review of Battlefield by J. F. Jenkins (Cuyler Creech)

Cadence, JD, and Orlando couldn’t be more different from one another. Under normal circumstances, the three wouldn’t so much as say hi to each other if they could get away with it. Then an alien crashes through the roof of their local mall, and everything changes. Not only do the three teens gain new abilities, but they’re also chosen to help fight in an intergalactic war where the next chosen battlefield is Earth. (from Goodreads)

Orlando, Cadence, and JD are three normal, everyday kids. They are completely different from one another, and the possibility of the three would ever hangout, let alone say hi, is remote. They’re just three everyday teenagers trying to survive high school.

That is, until a crazy fireball crashes into the local mall ten feet from them. And as the flames crackle and sizzle down, out steps a glowing red figure.

An alien.

This is the moment when everything changes. The strange, handsome alien, Alan, tells of a great war coming.

And its battlefield is Earth.
Through the use of a strange orb, the teens gain supernatural powers, powers kept dormant in every human until unlocked with a force such as the strange orb. Telekinesis. Super intelligence. The three teens will use their powers for good, because according to Alan, the three have been chosen to help fight in the intergalactic war that is soon to come knocking on Earth’s door.

Orlando, Cadence, and JD must work together as a team, bonding with one another as an elite force of chosen ones to save many lives in the coming destruction heading their way.
Battlefield was interesting. Though too dynamic at times, I thought the personalities of each character were truly individual and unique. Orlando, the sulky gothic boy with a temper. JD, the reckless and somewhat self-conscious guy. And Cadence, the smart one, and more rational of the three.

The idea of “Battlefield” was very intriguing. Four tribes from a distant planet, locked in years of war and indifference, brought to Earth to fight to the death with the help of a select few teenage humans with superpowers. Can you ask for much more in a good sci-fi novel?

Though the idea was good, I think it would have benefited with more research. Or at least explain why things are the way they are, or how the work, a little more in depth. Also, there were a few places of dialogue between the characters that I didn’t quite understand, and it seemed at times that their reactions to certain situations were a little awkward, or at least not how I myself would have reacted. But hey, I’m not a teen with superpowers so I guess I can’t say much.

Another thing that confused me, were the jumps between character POVs, but I managed.

Despite all these things, I still think it was a good and interesting read. I give it three out of five stars.

Battlefield is an ebook published by Astraea Press.  You can find out more about Astraea Press and author J. F. Jenkins at their website.  Astraea Press is one of a growing number of e-book publishers and its focus is on mainstream romance.  J. F. Jenkins writes a series of fantasy and sci fi books for ya readers. Their titles are available online and through Overdrive.
Cuyler Creech is our resident teen reviewer and an aspiring author.  You can find out more about him at our Meet TLT page.

An Interview with a Dragon

Earlier this year authr Rusty Fischer did an Interview with a Zombie.  It was so much fun we thought we would do it again.  Today, author J. F. Jenkins, author of several ya series including the Dragon Saga series, does an interview with a dragon.
In the hotseat today is Darien Oceina from “Legend of the Oceina Dragon” by J.F. Jenkins. Here are some questions about the great mythological beasts in his world. And Darien would know from personal experience since he is a shape shifting dragon. Leave a comment, ask him another question and he’ll answer it in a reply as well as a future blog post found on J.F. Jenkins blog. The best question will win a copy of BOTH Dragon’s Saga books “Legend of the Oceina Dragon” and “Legend of the Inero Dragon” and one lucky commenter will win a copy of “Legend of the Oceina Dragon”. So that’s two chances to win some awesome books.

Aside from being awesome, what do dragons do for fun?
I would say it depends on the dragon. We’re all different in our personalities just like you humans. I prefer to read, watch movies, swim, or explore the city. My brother Tony on the other hand spends most of his free time in the kitchen trying to discover new recipes. Now if you mean dragony things that we do for fun? I love to fly through the clouds. Those really big clouds that look like cotton balls? They feel amazing on the skin, all moist and cool. We have games that we’ll play together sometimes while we fly. I also like to swim in the oceans, but it’s not something I can do much anymore because of the shipping trades.

Do dragons shed their skin like lizards and snakes do?
We don’t, but my kind also do not stay in our dragon form for long periods of time. I bet if I spent a significant time in my dragon form, I would start to shed it off. When I transform though, my dragon skin refreshes itself.

Are baby dragons born knowing how to swim/fly/do whatever else dragons do, or do they have to learn how, like birds?
They have to learn how. Some of it is instinct. My kind, being so in tune with the water, we go into the pool with the young ones and let them explore. They learn that they can breathe underwater and how to swim – even in the human form. Flying is harder to learn, especially since we don’t become solid in our transformations until about five years old.
How big are your scales?
About the size of a dinner plate. Keep in mind, I am small in size for my kind though. On average, they’re about the size of 14″ pizza. These are the big main scales of course. They vary in size, based on the location and function of the scale. Some are small and flexible. The big ones are for plating and protection.

What are your weaknesses?

Magically speaking, I’m weak against Earth magic. All of the dragons were created with balance in mind. Water is weak to Earth, Earth weak to Wind, Wind weak to Fire, and Fire weak to Water. Now if you mean me as a person, that’s something different all together.

Do all dragons have magical abilities?

Yes! All the dragon species have an element, and their magic reflects said element. My spells all revolve around the water and life. There’s a theory that we can combine our magics together even, but no one has tested this recently. It’s kind of a myth. I’m certainly curious.

J F Jenkins most recent title in the Dragons Saga is out now and is available in e-book format.  She is also the author of Battlefield and the Vala series.
You can find out more about J. F Jenkins and her books at her blog.