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How do you know you work with teens?

The TLT Staff: We love working with teens!

10.  You find yourself trying out program names to make sure they can’t be turned into some type of sexual joke.  In your day to day life, you realize that you can turn ANYTHING into a sexual reference.  Sometimes at a dinner party an adult will say something and you start giggling because it instantly has become a sexual reference, it’s best to keep the reason why to yourself.

9.  You notice every time someone say “Do Do” in a sentence.  “Yes, I do do that sometimes” the pastor says in church, and you have to keep yourself from giggling.

8.  You know all the best slang.  And sometimes find yourself using it.

7.  You know all the best fart jokes. And you know exactly who “Seymour Butts” is.

6.  Your water cooler talk involves shows like The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf and The Secret Life of the American Teenager.  Your favorite TV stations include ABC Family, the CW, and various forms of MTV.

5.  When an ad for a new movie based on a teen book comes out your significant other calls out from the other room, “you’ll have to find one of your friends to go see that with you.”  And you know just who to call.  There is no question as to whether or not YOU are going.

4.  When someone at work gets on the computer after you they want to know why you were reading an article about how Selena Gomez is doing just fine after her breakup with Justin Beiber thank you. Or One Direction. Or Taylor Swift.  Your explanation, “It’s research for my job.” (And it really is.)

3.  You have the Lemonade Mouth soundtrack on your iPhone. (I really do.) (I also have Selena Gomez, The Wanted, The Jonas Brothers and more.)

2. You have a tendency to say catch phrases like “May the odds be ever in your favor”.

1. While at an adult event, you mention you are a librarian and someone says, “Oh, have you read INSERT LATEST ADULT BESTSELLER here” and you say, “No, but I am currently reading INSERT CURRENT YA BESTSELLER HERE” and everyone looks at you with a blank stare and blinks.

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