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Sunday Reflection: Shelfie With Cardboard Boxes

My family moved house this weekend.  This is how my favorite bookshelf looks today:
Oh! My lovelies! I tucked them all away, carefully organized by type.
And I saved out a few for emergency use. You all know what I mean by that, right?
But even though my kitchen is set up and my bed is put together and the couches are where they belong… or at least where they fit, the real work has just begun.
This is how it looked in 2006:
But how should it look now? The book collection has grown by leaps and bounds, and though I do weed it frequently, and we donated roughly six boxes to the library book sale and pitched another couple boxes full of outdated and damaged stuff, there are so. many. books. And so many possible ways to put them together. Unlike most moving tasks though, I’m relishing this opportunity. It’s a fresh start to uncover things I’ve forgotten about, give myself easier access to old favorites and new friends, and, let’s be honest, a chance to show off those books I really hope someone asks me about, giving me a chance to gush.
This Sunday, I’m reflecting on my bookshelf, and how I want it to reflect me. And taking some Motrin because oof. This house has a ton of stairs.