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Book Review: Watermark by Krissi Dallas (reviewed by Cuyler Creech)

Things on the White Island are anything but peaceful. Whitnee has just gained her memory back, and even though she’s surrounded by her friends, new information arises and she’s not sure who she can trust. The political circle of the island isn’t completely truthful, and the men who kidnapped Whitnee and brought her to the island have escaped, causing Whitnee to fear for her life at every turn and corner. Even Morgan’s sickness is revealed, causing Whitnee to do something so drastic it may cost her her own life. This trip to the island is tearing relationships at the seams, and friendships may never be the same as they once were. When a secret rebel force against the Guardian of the island reveals itself, Whitnee realizes that she and Gabriel are more involved than she may like, and leaving the island may not be her choice anymore. But one thing will keep Whitnee on the island, however long it takes her. To find the weapon that may bring the island back to the balance the tribes once enjoyed. 

To find her father.
Whitnee’s strengths, physically, emotionally, and, if the enemy would have it, elementally, will be tested if she and her friends want to survive what the beautiful White Island has become. 

Krissi Dallas has captured my attention the moment I first opened Windchaser, the first book in the Phantom Island series. These books read so easily and smoothly that, as a normally slow reader, took me a matter of a week to read them all. She’s kind of that good, you guys.
One of the reasons I love Krissi’s writing is that she has absolutely no problem with her “teenage” voice. She clearly operates that minefield with ease and precision, really staying true to the age of her characters. I also love how her writing is a rich image into Krissi’s personality. She’s quirky, passionate about what she loves and is interested in, and definitely knows her drama. All of which is finessed to a “T” in conveying the dynamic personalities within all of her characters. Plus, Krissi’s got absolutely no problem really tossing her characters up and creating all kinds of problems and making them miserable. Bad for Whitnee. Completely awesome for us.
Watermark is the fourth and latest installment of the Phantom Island series, but certainly not the least by any means. Krissi picks us back up after she throws us off of Watercrossing’s cliffhanger, and pitches us right back into another tale of drama, mayhem, jealous love,  and, ohyes, elemental abilities. 
Watermark is the revealer of revealers in Krissi Dallas’s elemental bound saga, finally pulling strings together we’ve been dying for to be discovered since we dove into Windchaser. Who exactly were Whitnee’s kidnappers? Who’s behind the rebellion? Will the love triangle between Whitnee, Caleb, and Gabriel finally come to a head? And, probably the most anticipated, IS. WHITNEE’s. FATHER. REALLY.
ALIVE??? Yes, all of these things are revealed in Krissi Dallas’s latest. And, just like the others, it’ll totally knock your socks off. And yes, there’s a ton of drama. But hey, if you don’t appreciate teenage drama by now, I’m pretty sure you’re in the wrong section of the bookstore. Just saying.
For the fourth time, Krissi Dallas has done what she does best: creating a beautiful and dangerous world, tossing in some rocking characters, stirring up trouble in all forms (some a little “fishy), and making us fall in love with Whitnee and the White Island again. Thanks again to the Empress of Elements, author Krissi Dallas, for another thrill ride we won’t forget!
PS. Ahem…go Team Hydro.