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Periodically, we post about our experiences and beliefs regarding advocacy and marketing.  Without a doubt, these are an important part of librarianship as a whole.  And sometimes, the thing you have to advocate the most for is teen services.  That after school crowd coming into the library can be loud and intimidating, but the truth is their behavior is really quite developmentally normal. Of course in today's economic climate, we are fighting for funding in our communities and the allocation of that funding within our libraries.  Below are the links we have posted regarding advocacy and marketing.

Libraries are the Beating Heart (of our communities) An advocacy piece with great infographics to use in promoting libraries.

Why Turning Our Libraries into Wal Mart is a Bad Idea

Advocacy 101: Be seen, Be felt, Be heard

Marketing Teen Services to Non Teen Services Staff, part 1

Marketing Teen Services to Non Teen Services Staff, a teen services plan example

A Teen Programming Primer

Don't Underestimate the Value of "Hanging Out" (more about programming)

The "Be"-Attitudes of Communicating with Staff

Verb Up Your Image

Generating Marketing Creativity with iPhone Apps

Graphic Design for Teen Librarians

Making the Most of Your Teen Services FB Page

Saving Big with Your Library: marketing the value of your library to current culture


Creating a great teen services website, an example and some tips

Thinking Out Loud: Marketing and the library lock-in

Thinking Out Loud: More marketing and the library lock-in

Rebuttal: Marketing and the library lock-in

RA Posters, end cap signs, bookmarks and more

Don't Underestimate the Value of Twitter


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