Book Review Policy

Teen Librarian's Toolbox is a professional development website.  We are a staff of 6, including 4 professional librarians, a paraprofessional and a teen reviewer.

The mission of TLT is to equip teen librarians with the tools they need to successfully serve the teen audience, one of which is of course books. I am happy to receive ARCs (physical copies or e-books) from publishers or authors that help us fulfill this mission.  We endeavor to review them in a timely manner.  We also enjoy guest blog posts from authors, publishing houses and more that can help teen librarians better serve their audience.

Because many libraries still have policies in place that are not favorable to the self-publishing world, we are not accepting self-published books at this time (but we wish you tremendous success in your efforts). Any reviews published here reflect the views of TLT alone and are in no way associated with our employers or VOYA (both of whom are awesome). Any ARCs we receive will be passsed on as give-aways, Teen Summer Reading prizes, or to my fellow librarians for their input. For more information please feel free to e-mail me, Karen Jensen, at

Disclosure Statement: Members of TLT occasionally receive copies of ARCs in exchange for our honest review.  In addition, we have worked with some publishers to do promotional weeks where we post a series of posts on titles by that publishing house, including honest reviews, in exchange for prizes that we offer to our readers.

Please note: TLT was feautred in VOYA's Trending in Youth Culture: The Best Blogs and Sites for Youth Advocates (February 2012)