Teen Services 101

Whether you are new to teen services or are just looking for some validation, we have a variety of posts that cover the basics of teen services.

Basic Elements of a Teen Services Plan

A Teen Services Plan Example

A Teen Programming Primer

What does customer service to teens look like?

Networking part 1, part 2

Booktalk It! Creating a booktalk program to network with schools

Contests, everyone's a winner

Using Social Media to engage teens, including contests

Gaming @ the Library

Teen Tech 12

Empowering teens and creating buy-in

Putting the "Teen" in your Teen Space

The Unconventional Summer Reading Club

Relational Reading Revolution

Cut through the static, get feedback

I'm Nobody, Who Are You? (Why we teen librarians should talk to each other)

Are You Nobody Too?  There's a pair of us. (How to get started with your own librarian network)

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  1. Ann Conway(11/07/2012

    I am interested in finding programming for "special education teens". I have a group of 14 who come every week. Any ideas about activities/programming/lessons that might be usable for this group. I recently did a demo of "Playaways" - they were very receptive...but I need some more engaging ideas...