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Picture It: 30 Days of Art Activities, part 3

This year’s Teen Read Week theme is Picture It @ Your Library.  It runs from October 16-22.  But don’t worry, I am here to help you get ready!  Here are the links presented for the 3rd week of September as a part of the prep for TRW 2011.

Picture it day 15: Stamping with Legos

Pure genius. And pure fun. And a great alternate activity for those libraries with Lego clubs.

Picture it day 16: silhouettes 

Teens can make pictures of themselves, their friends, their favorite monsters, superheroes or book characters. Get creative with it.

Picture it day 17: Make your own magnetic poetry.

For more poetry ideas check out Poemcrazy: freeing your life with words. It is amazing.  There is not enough poetry in the life of teens if you ask me.

Picture it day 18: Minimalist posters
For a fun activity, look no further than the designs of Albert Exergian. He created a variety of minimalist posters for his favorite tv shows. Wouldn’t it be fun to see what teens came up with for their favorite books? A simple bow and arrow for The Hunger Games, maybe. Or an apple with 2 fang bites for Twilight.

Picture it day 19: Paper quilling 
Have a bunch of books you are discarding? Get your teens together and practice paper quilling. Since you won’t be using colored paper you can create black and white pictures – or paint them when you are done. Of course you always could just used color paper, but then what are you going to do with all of those discarded books?

Picture it day 20: altered books
You probably have books that you are weeding out of your collection, so why not turn them into art. You can rip, cut, paint, tear – whatever you need to create your altered book art. This page has some examples, but google altered books and you will find a lot out there.

Picture it day 21: Steampunk crafts!
How about literature inspired crafts for Teen Read Week? Here are a ton of steampunk inspired crafts, some of them have How Tos. If money was not an object, it would be fun to have a genre inspired craft a day for the week. Of course, money is always an object. Pair this with the Leviathan series by Scott Westerfeld . . .

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