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Friday Fill-Ins: Once upon a time . . . fairy tales retold

Yesterday I went and saw Snow White and the Huntsman.  It was the second retelling of Snow White I have seen this year as I also went and saw Mirror Mirror.  And many of us spent Sunday nights waiting to see which fairy tale they would incorporate into Once Upon a Time, the hit television show.  From Robin McKinely to Alex Flinn, fairy tale stories get told and retold time and time again. 
If you follow on Facebook or Twitter you know that we do a weekly featured called Friday Fill-Ins.  This is usually a discussion feature where you are asked to fill in the blanks.
So today for fun I thought we would do a fun little contest involving classic children’s stories.  Below are 10 pictograms.  See if you can identify the children’s classic it depicts. 
Then complete this Friday Fill-In:
My favorite fairy tale retelling is ______________________ by _________________________. 
Fill in the blanks in the comments.

These images were made on my iPhone using my camera and Diptic.  Feel free to download them and share as a fun contest with your teens (or staff).  Or use it as an example of a way you can create fun contests of your own.


  1. I recently read Enchanted by Alethea Kontis and I really loved the way all of the fairy tales were woven into the story. It was a fun book!

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