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Friday Fill-Ins: Dealing with the Issues

Since today we are talking with author Kimberly Purcell about her book on human trafficking, Trafficked, our Friday Fill-Ins is all about the issues.  Teen fiction dealing with issues is a tried and true tradition.  So tell us, what is your favorite issues book?

My favorite book dealing with a teen issue is _______________________ by _______________________. 
It deals with the topic of _________________.
Fill in the blanks in the comments.


  1. Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, deals with topic of rape.

  2. Shine by Lauren Myracle. This book deals with the topics of hate crimes, discrimnation, poverty, drug abuse and sexual abuse. So much packed into this book!

  3. That's my choice, too! It's such a powerful book.

  4. Bitter End by Jennifer Brown. Deals with abuse in dating relationships and haven't seen one written that well…well, ever.

  5. Anonymous says

    After by Amy Efaw is about a teen who dumps her unwanted infant in the trash. Aside from unwanted pregnancy/birth and abandonment, it deals with girls in juvenile detention and the juvenile justice system.

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