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Where’s My Glass Slipper? Top 10: Cinderella Retellings

I am a HUGE fantasy addict.  HUGE. I will admit it.  Give me a well written fairy tale, and I can curl up and be completely content for the afternoon.  Even better, give me something that has a twist in it.  Since we’re talking about Cinderella, here are my top ten retellings that fall within YA…


Amazing book where Aisling (Ash), is torn between the Fairie Prince and the Huntress.  For more on Ash, click here.

Ella Enchanted
Given the gift, or curse, of always having to obey every order given, Ella must find the strength to take charge and find her own destiny, as well as break the spell.  A Newbery Honor book.
Just Ella

Thrown in the dungeon for daring to defy her royal engagement, Ella escapes to a refuge camp, and finds her true destiny. 

First in the four part Lunar Chronicles, cyborg Cinder’ s world is dying of a mysterious plague, and the Prince is being forced to marry the Lunar Queen.  Will Cinder’s secrets help or hinder the Prince and the country?  For more on Cinder, click here.

Forced to be the family servant after her step-sister becomes ill, Xing Xing tries to escape the only way she knows how, with her skills in calligraphy and the help of the spirit of her mother.  Bound combines both the Western and Eastern Cinderella stories.
The Ordinary Princess
All of the princesses of the realm were given special gifts on their birthday, and Amethyst, the seventh born and considered lucky, is no exception.  She is given Wit, Charm, Health, Courage….  and Ordinariness.  
The Fairy Godmother

Elena was supposed to be her kingdom’s Cinderella, but when the story changes, Elena finds that Tradition may have to change in order to make her story fit it’s new path.  Not technically YA (published for adults) but I wouldn’t hesitate to give it to older readers.  Also the first in a continuing series following the kingdoms and twisting of fairy tales, so if they like this one, there are more to hook them with!
If I Have A Wicked Stepmother, Where’s My Prince?

Lucy is stuck with her new step-mom, slaving away at chores, but manages to attract the attention of the most popular guy at school.  Question is, does she want it?
Bella at Midnight
Shipped off for the first 13 years of her life, Bella has to return to her father and his jealous new wife, and deal with magic and intrigue in order to save the prince and the kingdom.
Shadows on the Moon

After witnessing the murder of her father and cousins, Suzume must use her magic as a Shadow Weaver to protect herself from those who were responsible and find her revenge, before she looses herself in the process. 

Agree?  Disagree?  Share in the comments!


  1. You forgot Princess of Glass! I think that's one of my faves because it's not told from Cinderella's point of view.

  2. I haven't read that one! I'll have to track it down, although my CDO (OCD) of reading books in order will mean I'll have to read Princess of the Midnight Ball first. And that seems to fall into retellings of the 12 dancing princesses… LOL!

  3. Anonymous says

    Princess of Glass and Bella at midnight were both fantastic! Do you know of anymore at least decent retellings? For some unfathomable reason I am in a Cinderella mood.

  4. great list, but how is Ordinary Princess a Cinderella story? it has none of the same elements, there's no ball, no slipper, no wicked anything except for the cook and cook wasn't really evil in any case. it's a great book, one that I love dearly, but it's not cinderella.

    also: I highly recommend “Before Midnight” by Cameron Dokey. It's a unique take on the story, one that I've never seen in anything else.

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