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Star Wars Reads Day: a recap in pictures

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (sometimes referred to as Texas),
two library branches got together for an epic – and out of this world – day of books and fun with Tweens and Teens known as
Star Wars Reads Day
A battle was being fought between good (reading good) and evil (ignorance and illiteracy evil)

So two librarians, strong in the force, took up their light sabers and began training young readers in the way of the Force
We challenged ourselves to create space ships out of Legos and ended up creating entire space scenes


We read the Origami Yoda books (and other books about space, aliens, ufos, and origami) and tried our hand at Star Wars Origami
Read, you will (said in my best Yoda voice)

We tried to do some Star Wars trivia with our “light saber” pens

One of the branches even had some Star Wars Re-Enactors show up dressed as Tie-Fighters

At the end of the day, one of our participants gave the day a Thumbs Up!
May the Force Be With You!
Stay tuned for Episode II (or would it be IV?) in which a young princess falls in love . . . with the green guy (but if you had to choose: Han Solo or Luke Skywalker?)
(I just had to share because later that night my tween put her Origami Yoda on the end of a broom stick and danced with him to Taylor Swift.  She loves the Origami Yoda books series and book 3 is lost somewhere in my house and now overdue)
(check out the official site for a complete listing of supporting publishers and a great booklist including Star Wars trivia, origami and Legos. Read the FAQ)
For more Star Wars Reads Day pictures, check out the Bowles Flickr
These pictures were taken at the Bowles and Betty Warmack Branch of the Grand Prairie Library system in Grand Prairie, Texas.  The Grand Prairie Library is “out of this world” awesome and we love working there, but our comments on this blog, which is privately owned by Karen Jensen and the TLT peeps, never ever reflect our employers.  They can not be held responsible for us. (But we hope occasionally they want to claim us.)
Curriculum tie-ins: Math, Science, Language, Social Skills
Also promotes creativity and self-directed learning

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