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Thursday Throwdown: 80’s Movie Serial Killers

We’ve been talking about all sorts of horror and things lately (see My Horrific Life or I Eat Cereal But I Am Not A Serial Killer), and more will come throughout October.  I am a fan of the 80’s horror movies, back when you knew that the blood was fake and the killers were behind masks.  So I ask you, lovers of horror, if you put them in the ring, who would make it out to terrorize the rest of us?

Freddy Krueger, of Nightmare of Elm Street fame, created by Wes Craven, the serial killer who will get you while you are sleeping (and drowned a young Johnny Depp in a water bed)


Jason Vorhees, from the Friday the 13th series, created by Victor Miller, driven by his rage over being near drowned as a child and the actions of his tormentors (best known for his hockey mask visage, although that doesn’t show up until the third film)


Charles Lee Ray (a.k.a. Chucky), from the Child’s Play series, created by Don Mancini, the serial killer who sought to escape the police and death by placing his soul into a Good Guy doll, and trying to transfer himself into a human body (which was really creepy because my brother had a My Buddy doll)


Michael Meyers, from the Halloween series, created by John Carpenter, who starts his killing spree by killing his older sister at the age of six, then goes on throughout the franchise to attack more teenagers and his youngest sister (known for his white, unpainted William Shatner mask)

Which do you think would win?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. They are all so scary!!! And they killed Johnny Depp – why would you want to do that?!

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