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On the 11th Day of Christmas, my TLT gave to me . . .

The great Patrick Jones wrote that good librarianship is “a combination of skills, knowledge, and attitude.  The contention here is that YA work is perhaps different from other library work in that without the “right” attitude as a base, the other two traits [skills and knowledge] do not matter as much.”

 Brian Herzog’s Swiss Army Librarian blog focuses on all three traits, with a healthy dose of humor, and an emphasis on fostering an attitude that translates to good customer service – for teens as well as for other age groups.  His “Reference Question of the Week” feature is one of my favorite blog series.  Since many of us teen services librarians also wear other hats – reference librarian, reader’s advisory, administration – it’s important to keep tabs on what’s going on in those worlds too, and Swiss Army Librarian is a fun and informative way to do so.

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