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On the 9th day of Blogmas, my TLT Gave to Me

So before, I talked about The Goddess of YA, and then two of my favorite craft-spiration sites, Oops, I Craft My Pants and P.S.- I Made This.  Today, I have for you a blog done by NINE (yes, NINE) readers and contributors that covers everything YA.

I share with you, Forever Young Adult.

I found Forever Young Adult and KNEW that I found my tribe.  It was like the first time I found Karen, knew that we were going to hit it off and be awesome.  These people THINK like me, read like me, understand teen culture like me, and if I could just drink like them, we’d be like the Wonder Twins.  Or the Avengers of YA.

They review EVERYTHING that has to do with young adult, from movies to television to music to books.  Fashion and culture, everything is covered.  They watch the shows that I can’t (or don’t want to) watch, and by reading their recaps I can converse intelligently with my teens.  I can laugh with others of my tribe over the teen movie drinking games.  And when they start a read-along like Little Women (re-capping the classics from new and exciting viewpoints of the characters, like fratboy Laurie), I am a goner- it’s how I have to start my work day. Then share it with everyone else. And I love their writing style.  It’s concise, and breaks things down beautifully:  see A Highly Scientific Analysis of The Perks of Being a Wallflower and read for yourself.

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