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On the Eighth Day of Blogmas, my TLT gave to me

Guys Lit Wire!  I am not of the whole ‘guys and girls read different books’ mentality but I do like to find books that appeal to my reluctant boy readers and books that have male main characters.  Guys Lit Wire is a site I stumbled across via Twitter one day and fell in love.  Basically, the group of contributors (and according to their page there are a TON), put together book reviews and a few articles about books that appeal to guys.  The plus side?  The books aren’t always new!  I find this super refreshing because there are several books that they have reviewed in the past that were a little older but that I had not read or heard about which allowed me the opportunity to showcase older books along with newer books in my displays.

Check it out, laugh because the reviews and labels are brutally honest, and enjoy!


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