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On the Seventh Day of Blogmas, my TLT gave to me

The Show Me Librarian!  Okay, so I know this is Teen Librarian’s Toolbox and the blog I’m ‘giving’ to you is primarily for children’s services BUT those of us working in public libraries 1) sometimes serve both populations, 2) are always looking for good Tween/Teen books and programs, and/or 3) (if you’re me…) HATE working with children.  Okay, that’s a little much but I really, really don’t like working in Children’s Services.  There is a reason I don’t.  Storytime with me would be a very bad idea.  I can’t fake it and I say ‘crap’ a lot (along with a few other choice words).  That’s frowned upon.

Back to The Show Me Librarian…Amy Koester has made me like children.  Or at least the books.  What Amy has done is provide an excellent book review, commentary, and programming site that gives me ideas when I am working with my own son (and future daughter), ideas that I pass along to my Children’s librarians, and a ton of programming ideas for my middle grade groups.

Just recently, she did a Spy Club post, which really made me think about modding this idea for my 6-8th graders who would LOVE a program like this.  Other awesome postings are How to Start a Lego Club, her Day in the Life of a Children’s Librarian series, and her awesome post about her YA Tab Lock-In that literally made me green with jealousy.

Amy does have a heart for YA as well and posts things for YA savvy librarians but this resource is absolute GOLD for those of you serving all of youth services.  Or for those of you who want to learn to like children.  Wait, maybe that’s just me…bah humbug.  (;

Stephanie (I felt the need to sign this post so that the other awesome chicks at TLT don’t get a ‘Kiddie-Hating’ reputation!)

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