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We #Mustacheyoutoread At The Library… A Pictorial

In case you missed how this all started, take a look at Karen’s post.  I happen to work in a library where we have a ton of kids, and the day I started playing around with it was the middle of our week of Thanksgiving break.  I knew that mustaches were popular and am very familiar with Movember, which uses sponsorships to raise funds for prostate and testicular cancer research. Little did I know that my kids would get such a kick out of it.  

Knowing that I had a ton of kids, I printed off a set of free mustaches off of the internet (google is your friend) and ran them off on card stock.  Since my kids run all ages, I didn’t want to have them on sticks like Karen did (Miss, he poked me with his stach!) so I’ve just been using clear tape.  The kids have to pick a book they would give to someone else to read, I take their picture, and they keep the ‘stach.  And they KEEP them on all day, including the teens.

So what are my teens recommending to others?

Armorica by John Hughes.  Miss, when is he writing another book?

The Beatles.  Love their music, Miss.
HALO:  The Cole Protocol.  HALO books rock, Miss.
Darth Paper Strikes Back.  When is my copy of Fortune Wookie coming?
My current favorite, Days of Blood & Starlight, which time has yet to let me finish.  Boo.
Larklight by Philip Reeve.  No, it’s mine, all mine!!!  Bwah ha ha ha haha.
Even That Guy got into the act, with Makers by Cory Doctorow.
Naruto series.  It’s way cool, Miss.
Neon Genesis Evangelion.  Even though the anime is way better, the books are still good.
Sports books.  I like reading about real people.
The Stand.  I like things that creep you out.
Twilight.  Best book ev-ah.

The Walking Dead.  Because the books are WAY better than the TV series, Miss.

The Outsiders.  Because it tells how things really work, Miss.

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