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Coming Soon: a Taste and Tease

I was the only one of the TLT’ers to be able to go to ALA Midwinter, and I shared a lot of other bloggers’ frustrations with the ARC drops as I was wearing multiple hats- not only was I going as a rep for Teen Librarian Toolbox (so much so that I made That Guy tell SoHo and Zest Books that he was Karen, much to their hysteria) but I was also running the Rainbow Project meetings. So I missed out on some ARCs that I *really* wanted (*cough* The S-Word *cough*) but hopefully the reps will send them when they do get back to their offices.  And three books that I’ve been on the edge of my seat to read (Doctorow’s Homeland, Meyer’s Scarlet, and Lu’s Prodigy are either out or coming out next week.  BUT, I do have a top 6 of the ARCs that I am SUPER excited about that I thought I’d share with y’all…

ARC available on Netgalley, on sale August

On Sale June 2013, haven’t seen it *yet* on Netgalley or Edleweiss

On sale June 2013, egalley on Edleweiss

On sale February 19, short stories by Kami Garcia, Nancy Holder, Margaret Sthol, Melissa Marr, and more

on sale May 2103, back cover says there will be a  *keynote and signing at Texas Library Association Conference*

On sale June 2013, says there’s an ebook prequel promotion as well

Were you at Midwinter in Seattle?  What did you pick up and what are you excited to see coming out this spring/summer?  Share in the comments!


  1. I was at Midwinter – I only picked up three teen titles, Scarlet, Legend, and the new Kate Ellison title which I can't at the moment remember. I got these for specific people at my library, not myself. I've found it's a lot easier to be a blogger who focuses on younger kids when it comes to galleys – there seems to be a lot more angst over the teen stuff (and a lot more excitement). I am excited about Platypus Police Squad and Ninja Meerkats, but nobody fought me for them (-:)

  2. Oh, man, how did I miss THE SILVER DREAM? Ah, well. I concentrated on Middle Grade books, so I didn't pick up much on the Teen side. I did pick up PRODIGY, DARK TRIUMPH, and REQUIEM, all sequels to other books. And hardcover copies of Amanda Hocking's WAKE and LULLABY, which can be added to our library collection.

  3. I picked up Ninja Meerkats as well, so I'm interested to see where it goes!

    🙂 christie

  4. Now see, I didn't try for the hardcover books at the end. I don't like spending my $ for books (I never have cash on my unless it's for cabs or sodas at conference) and it seems like lately the trend is for the publishers to sell them at the end of conference instead of give them away. And the lines were *CRAZY* at noon when I got done talking to those I needed to for my committee, so I bolted and had lunch instead. Were you lined up on Monday, or did you get your hardcovers earlier?

    🙂 christie

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