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Take 5: Pinterest Boards for Crafting with Teens

Love it or hate it, Pinterest collects a wealth of ideas in a graphically pleasing way, and is an especially popular way to access craft ideas.  For National Craft Month, we’re highlighting five great Pinterest boards that focus on teen crafts that can be done, have been done, or we dream of getting done in libraries.

1.  Fargo Public Library: Book Crafts

Focusing on projects using repurposed books, this is a tidy page of individual projects as well as links to other sites with multiple projects.
(A word of experience regarding the books-into-boxes project featured – if you try it out, make your life easier: spend $20 and get an oscillating multitool.)

2.  Gina DeLoretta Meinl: Teen Crafts

With an emphasis on re-purposed, inexpensive crafts, an eye to trends in the library world, and thematic weeks and YALSA events, this board offers some totally doable craft ideas and a fun amount of whimsy to shake it up.

Over 500 pins here with plenty of links to external collections of thematic tutorials on stuff like duct tape projects, wearable crafts, repurposing jeans, and fine art.  Swartz has organized other boards with more targeted uses: this year’s SRP theme, eco projects, and science experiments as well.

Here’s where it starts to get fun.  The Libraries As Incubator Project is collecting your craft project ideas this month to add to this board.  It’s a new and growing board from this really exciting project that  you should definitely know about if you’re incorporating the creative process into your library programs.

Yes, this is my own board, but it’s not *just* my own board.  This is another place to get in on the fun.  Begun in 2011, this board quickly grew to a place where over 200 teen librarians and advocates share their favorite craft and program ideas, or bookmark their ambitious plans.  You’ll discover thematic waves as you scroll through it.  Zombies, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, T-shirts, gaming, re-purposed books, etc.  There is a lot of information and inspiration here.  Comment on this post, on one of my pins on the board, or drop me an email if you’d like me to add you on as a collaborator.



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