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TPiB: Duct Tape Crafts

My teens are obsessed with duct tape (or duck tape- depending on which ones you talk to).  Any time we can get the money to have a duct tape craft, I have more teens than I can handle…  From the original gray to animal prints, skulls and neon, duct tape has expanded as it’s popularity has skyrocketed.

I’ve been looking all over the web for fun ideas for this summer, and I’ve posted some of my favorite ideas below.  Share yours in the comments!

Note:  Duct tape crafts will require use of scissors, box cutters, or other sharp instruments in order to manipulate materials into their proper shape.  If you do not feel comfortable with letting your teens loose with these types of tools, you can pre-cut tape strips ahead of time.  Also, make sure that you have enough tape for your teens to properly create the craft- some of the more interesting colors come in smaller rolls than the typical gray or black.

Karen’s note: Duct tape crafts will destroy your scissors.  Make sure you have plenty of Googone.  When the scissors get gummy – and they will get gummy – it makes it hard to cut nice, straight lines on the tape which will affect the overall outcome of your craft.

 I am in LOVE with flower rings.  They look so awesome!  Ductbrand has a step-by-step picture tutorial on how to make a flower ring, and with a little work, many shapes will follow.  Skill level: beginner.

Yes, I may watch a little too much Doctor Who.  But bow ties are cool, and what better way to make them than with duct tape? Or hair bows, or purse bows, or…. Skill level: beginner.

Everyone always has a different phone, and it seems that when the new model comes out, you need a new holder.  Not so fast, when you have cardboard and duct tape!  Skill level: intermediate.

Makesandtakes.com has an awesome video tutorial about how to make duct tape cuffs….  They turn out so beautiful!  Or if cuffs are not your thing, Ziggyityzoom has instructions on braided ones 

Finally, the Dollar Store Crafts website has awesome instructions for create magic wallets….
Just Monday Karen made this Duct tape cell phone carrying case – her first duct tape craft.  I put it on display at the Circulation counter with a sign advertising my upcoming craft and had a lengthy conversation with a 15-year-old girl who makes EVERYTHING out of Duct tape, and gets paid by her friends to make them things.  She was impressed, and hadn’t seen a cell phone case so bonus points for me.  You can find the instructions here

The Duck Tape brand page has an index of Ducktivities (cute) that you can do.
And Under the Table and Dreaming has a link to 45 activities you can do. Yes – 45!

Don’t forget, you can use Duct tape to do thing like cover books (be sure to put a paper cover down first if it is a book you want to uncover, like a text book), make creative art journals, and more.  Just because you can’t find a tutorial for it online doesn’t mean it can’t be done.  You can make the tutorial.

So what are your favorite duct tape crafts?  Share in the comments!


  1. I have been trying to avoid Duck Tape Crafts because I knew I'd be HOOKED once I began.
    Seeing the bracelets and the cell phone carrier and wallet makes me want to run to the store and get some cute prints and go to town!
    The DT rolls are about 6 bucks a pop in my area.
    The library by my house wanted to do something like this BUT sadly the budget wont allow it 🙁
    I know the kids would love making the flower rings and wallets for the boys.
    Maybe one day Ill get my hands on a good amount of DT and host it with the library or let them do it and sit back and enjoy.
    Thanks for this wonderful post!

  2. I've heard a rumor that if you tell the Duck Brand company you want to do a duct tape program, they will send you free duct tape. Or maybe it's 3M? Anyway, some company that makes duct tape!

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