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Book Review: Agent Angus by K. L. Denman (Orca Currents)

Orca Currents is a line of high interest, lower level reading titles for Middle Grade and Early Teen readers who are reading below grade level.

The lie happened.

Angus has been crushing on Ella Eckles for as long as he can remember; well, at least five months now.  So when he suddenly finds himself in a conversation with her outside the school, which has just been evacuated due to a stink bomb, the lie flows so easily off his lips: “I am a mentalist”.  Now, Ella’s sketchbook has gone missing and she has asked Angus to use his Mentalist skills to help her find it.  That is why Angus has now enlisted his best friend, Shahid, to help him research how to be a Mentalist and become Ella’s hero.

Agent Angus by K. L. Denman is actually a pretty fun read.  Think Psych for middle schoolers.  Angus is a classic geeky character who has a chance at greatness with the girl of his dreams, of course he lies! And that lie brings about a lot of fun moments, including a humorous encounter with a suspect in a dark alley and conversations with a boy known only as “Grunt” in the bathroom stall.

But Angus is not the only one that is lying, and that twist makes for some pretty fun reveals.  Every geek that has ever seriously crushed after a girl with no hope will love this book.  It was fun, entertaining, and had some pretty charming characters.  I read it in a little under an hour.  It clocks in at 121 fun pages. Definitely recommended.  Bonus points because there is a bit of diversity in our cast of characters without it being a big deal.

Agent Angus by K. L. Denman.  Orca Currents.  2013.  ISBN: 978-1-4598-0103-5 

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