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Friday Finds – June 14, 2013

The Friday Finds is your spot for a summary of topics we’ve covered this week. We will have a list of things you may have missed here on TLT, as well as an item or two from the archives you may want to revisit. Each week’s recap will conclude with some links to interesting reading from the web.

This Week at TLT:

Karen writes about damaging stereotypes and the lack of diversity in YA literature.

Robin writes about her (rather disastrous) experience with this year’s World Book Night. 

Mermaids get the Teen Program in a Box treatment.

Karen reviews Thousand Words by Jennifer Brown and goes behind the scenes of reality TV with a look at two compelling reads.

Keeping track of sequels is an endless job. We have a list of popular YA sequels coming out soon.

Kicky (Karen’s tweenage daughter) recommends 5 audiobooktitles you should try. And June is Audio Book Month! Enter our audio book giveaway!

Everyone loves Top Ten lists! We have a chance for you to win a whole book of them.

Previously on TLT:

Summer is a time when teens have traditionally had more time to get involved in their communities. Teens can often feel disconnected and at loose ends (or have an excess of energy looking for an outlet.) Why not steer them towards one of these opportunities to get involved and make a difference?

Around the web:

Wondering where all the good teen female role models are? The Mary Sue has an awesome (and convenient) list of “9 Female Characters We Wish We’d Been More Like In High School” including some of my favorites!

Chuck Wendig runs down the basics of “25 Things You Should Know About Young Adult Fiction” over on his blog Terrible Minds.  The next time someone astounds you with a mindbogglingly incorrect assumption or a false claim to know ‘just what YA is,’ send them here.

Over at The Washington Post, Valerie Strauss discusses the biggest scandal in America – childhood poverty. She presents the current statistics and discusses poverty’s impact on student success in education and the failure of federal policy to address the problem.

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