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TPiB: 5 Things To Do With Post-Its In Your Library

With only a few minutes and a couple dollars, you can do some really creative and engaging things.  Check out these ideas, take a look around your space, grab some sticky notes and see what you can do!

Encourage teens to write poems to share on a wall or window, or encourage them to copy favorite lines and share them like the Durham County Library did.

Stick secret notes into favorite books for teens to discover, or add to.  Reading is social, even if it’s secretly social as this Post Secret submission reminds us.

Get some heart shaped notes and stick them on book covers for a Books We Love display, and add a line or two about why you love the book.  This could also work for star shaped notes to highlight Award Winners.
Nyan Cat!  Stacey at the Naperville Public Library explains how she did it, but you could use the technique for any other pixel art project you can think of.
Use them to write crib notes to yourself when you do booktalks.  It’s easier than note cards because it’s less to hold and allows you to pick up any book and instantly have your notes attached.  I can’t be the only one who can never remember how old characters are, or needs a few key words to jog my memory of the fabulous hook I want to leave for teens, right?
Got some more good ideas?  Share ’em in the comments!


  1. Thanks for including our Nyan Cat! This year we did characters from Adventure Time!

    Another fun thing we did recently was use black post-its to “decorate” book covers for a mustache display!


  2. Love it! What a great use, thanks for sharing! So, was it fun or tedious to cut out all of those mustaches?

  3. I did a Six-Word Memoirs – where teens could write a simple six-word line that describes something about themselves. They were so inventive, and it makes a great passive program!

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