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Teens NEED Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Today, Christie Tweeted me this:

In a nutshell: Two authors – Meg Medina and Rainbow Rowell – had separate school visits scheduled at different schools.  Both of the schools got squeamish about the content of the books and quietly uninvited the authors.  This is not the first time this has happened.  For example, Ellen Hopkins was famously uninvited to a festival in Humble, Texas.  So I went on a Tweet Out against censorship.  It went something like this.

Here’s the deal, we can say what we want about what children (teens actually) should be exposed to, but then there is real life.  There are teens in EVERY SINGLE TOWN AND CITY living the life of Eleanor.  Who is protecting them?  We’re not by keeping their story silent.  Books give them voices, and when we say their stories aren’t something we should be reading we silence those hurting teens, sweeping their pain and abuse under the carpet and allowing it to continue in our silence. 

 Here’s Rainbow Rowell discussing the situation.


  1. A friend of mine recommended this book it was entertaining and an easy read but not one of my favorites.

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